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Appendix 2: UC Work Coach accreditation

Overview: UC Work Coach accreditation provides an externally recognised accreditation for Work Coaches, bringing them more in line with established professions such as Human Resources. There are 3 accreditation stages: essential, certificate and diploma: -

(1) Essential level: internal accreditation where service managers observe work coaches as part of the Department’s Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) process. Work Coaches must be assessed as achieving ‘best practice’ in all QAF observations to achieve the Essential standard. Most of the Work Coaches involved in the accreditation trial by the end of 2015 completed essential level.

(2) Certificate level: Work Coaches progress to the City and Guilds level 4 Certificate in ‘Managing the Delivery of Services to Customers’. This consists of four mandatory modules, plus one out of three additional modules. Two of the mandatory modules are developed specifically for the Work Coach role on understanding the labour market and coaching. It will take around 6 months to complete the certificate level.

(3) Diploma level: A number of Work Coaches with relevant staff management experience will be suitable to progress to the City and Guilds level 4 Diploma in operational delivery. The level 4 Diploma consists of two mandatory modules. It will take between 2 and 5 months to complete.

Source: DWP (IWP0045)

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