In-work progression in Universal Credit Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

IWP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Association of Employment and Learning Providers (IWP0033)

2Association of Pension & Benefits Claimants CIC (IWP0038)

3Barnardo’s (IWP0037)

4Boycott Workfare (IWP0020)

5Bromley Experts By Experience CIC (IWP0035)

6Business in The Community (IWP0013)

7Centrepoint (IWP0005)

8Child Poverty Action Group (IWP0023)

9Citizens Advice Scotland (IWP0012)

10Community Links (IWP0036)

11Crisis (IWP0015)

12Department for Work and Pensions (IWP0041)

13Department for Work and Pensions (IWP0043)

14Department for Work and Pensions (IWP0044)

15Department for Work and Pensions (IWP0045)

16Department for Work and Pensions (IWP0034)

17Disability Benefits Consortium (IWP0017)

18Dr. Anthony Rafferty & Dr. Jay Wiggan (IWP0010)

19Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) (IWP0032)

20Gingerbread (IWP0026)

21Inclusion London (IWP0011)

22Learndirect Limited (IWP0007)

23Learning And Work Institute (IWP0031)

24Mark Cosens (IWP0004)

25Mind (IWP0028)

26Money Advice Service (IWP0022)

27Mrc/Cso Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University Of Glasgow (IWP0021)

28Ms Society (IWP0019)

29National Housing Federation (IWP0018)

30National Numeracy (IWP0006)

31Oxfam GB (IWP0016)

32Parkinson’s UK (IWP0003)

33PCS Union (IWP0009)

34Professor Jane Millar (IWP0002)

35Professor Nick Bailey (IWP0014)

36Prospects Services (IWP0030)

37Reed in Partnership (IWP0001)

38Remploy (IWP0024)

39University of York (IWP0029)

40Wheatley Group (IWP0008)

41Working Families (IWP0025)

42Working Families (IWP0040)

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Prepared 06 May 2016