House of Commons

House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
12th May 2016

No. 158

The House met at 9.30 am.


1 Questions to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

2 Urgent Question: EU migrants: National Insurance numbers (James Brokenshire)

3 Statement: BBC Charter White Paper (Secretary John Whittingdale)

4 Suspension of sitting

The Speaker suspended the sitting (Order, 5 May).

5 Message to attend the Lords Commissioners

A Message from the Lords Commissioners was delivered by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod.

Mr Speaker,

The Lords, authorised by virtue of Her Majesty’s Commission, for declaring Her Royal Assent to several Acts agreed upon by both Houses, and for proroguing the present Parliament, desire the immediate attendance of this Honourable House in the House of Peers, to hear the Commission read.

Accordingly the Speaker, with the House, went up to the House of Peers, where a Commission was read, giving declaring and notifying the Royal Assent to the following Acts, and for proroguing this present Parliament.

The Royal Assent was given to the following Acts:

Driving Instructors (Registration) Act 2016

Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Act 2016

House of Commons Members’ Fund Act 2016

Immigration Act 2016

Energy Act 2016

Armed Forces Act 2016

Housing and Planning Act 2016

And afterwards Her Majesty’s Most Gracious Speech was delivered to both Houses of Parliament by the Leader of the House of Lords and Lord Privy Seal (in pursuance of Her Majesty’s command), as follows:

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons.

My Government’s legislative programme has pursued a one nation approach; helping working people by supporting aspiration and opportunity.

My Ministers have continued in their long-term plan to deliver economic stability and security at every stage of life. To this end, work has continued to bring the public finances under control and to reduce the deficit.

To support working people, legislation was passed to guarantee that key taxes would not rise during this Parliament, to ensure that those working 30 hours a week on the National Minimum Wage will not pay income tax and to increase the provision of free childcare to working families.

To support aspiration and opportunity, legislation was passed to grant housing association tenants the right to own their home.

My Ministers have pursued policies to reform the welfare system to modernise and deliver equity to tax-payers, including measures to cap welfare payments.

In the first year of this Parliament my Ministers have driven forward important constitutional reforms.

Landmark legislation was enacted to enable a referendum on membership of the European Union to be held later this year.

My Government has sought to develop a productive working relationship with the devolved administrations. In relation to Scotland, legislation was passed to implement the recommendations of the Smith Commission, devolving substantial new powers to the Scottish Parliament. A draft Bill was published setting out a new framework for devolution in Wales in accordance with the Saint David’s Day Agreement. Legislation was enacted to implement the Fresh Start Agreement and reform the welfare system in Northern Ireland.

With regard to England, ground-breaking legislation was passed which will allow significant powers to be devolved to directly-elected Mayors, helping to create a Northern Powerhouse.

In the House of Commons, changes have been implemented to create fairer procedures to ensure that decisions affecting England, or England and Wales, can only be taken with the consent of the majority of Members of Parliament representing constituencies in those parts of our United Kingdom.

Modernising the public services continues to be a priority for my Ministers. Newly enacted legislation will deliver transparency to the way in which trades unions operate and will protect essential public services from strike action.

Legislation was passed to improve schools, with new powers to turn around failing and coasting schools and create more academies. This legislation also made provision to establish regional adoption agencies in England to ensure every child can be provided with a stable home.

It has been a key priority for my Government to achieve a strong, sustainable and balanced economy where the benefits are more evenly shared across the country and between industries.

New legislation passed in this session will ensure that the Bank of England is well equipped to fulfil its vital role of overseeing monetary policy and financial stability.

A Small Business Commissioner was established in statute to help small businesses compete and grow. Legislation was also passed to ease the regulatory burden on businesses.

To help build a modern competitive workforce, the Institute for Apprenticeships was established as part of the drive to create three million high quality apprenticeships.

In recognition of the vital role charities play, legislation was passed to give the Charity Commission new powers to protect the integrity of such bodies by preventing abuses of charitable status.

The defence of the Realm is an utmost priority for my Government. In this session legislation has been passed to support our gallant armed forces. My Ministers will continue with legislation to provide a new framework to govern the use and oversight of investigatory powers by law enforcement and the security and intelligence agencies.

My Ministers have pursued policies to reform the criminal justice system, including new legislation to improve the integrity and effectiveness of the police, and a comprehensive new framework to ban the new generation of psychoactive substances.

The new Immigration Act will provide powers to tackle illegal working and the exploitation of workers, and make it easier to deport those with no legal right to remain.

The Duke of Edinburgh and I were pleased to welcome His Excellency the President of The People’s Republic of China and Madame Peng in October, during whose visit my Government launched a new partnership with China. We enjoyed our fifth State Visit to Germany in June, and our visit to Malta in November, for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

My Government has continued to play a leading role in world affairs, promoting British interests and values, and protecting British citizens abroad, including in response to terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France, Belgium and elsewhere.

My Ministers have been at the forefront of the European Union and international response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, successfully ensuring the maintenance of tough sanctions.

My Government has played a leading role in the Global Coalition against Daesh and co-hosted the London Syria conference which secured commitments to help refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. With European Union and other international partners, my Ministers have worked to address irregular migration across the Mediterranean and its causes.

The United Kingdom played a key role in delivering the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Members of the House of Commons, I thank you for the provisions which you have made for the work and dignity of the Crown and for the public services.

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, I pray that the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon your counsels.

After which the Leader of the House of Lords and Lord Privy Seal said:

By virtue of Her Majesty’s Commission which has now been read, we do, in Her Majesty’s name, and in obedience to Her Majesty’s commands, prorogue this Parliament to Wednesday the eighteenth day of May to be then here holden, and this Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Wednesday the eighteenth day of May.


Other proceedings

Reports from Select Committees

6 Work and Pensions Committee

Pensions regulation and the Pensions Protection Fund: Written evidence, to be published (HC 998) (Frank Field).

John Bercow


Westminster Hall

There was no sitting in Westminster Hall, pursuant to the Order of the House of 5 May.


Papers presented or laid upon the Table:

Papers subject to Affirmative Resolution:

1 Electricity

Draft Electricity Capacity (Amendment) Regulations 2016 (by Act), with an Explanatory Memorandum and an Impact Assessment (by Command) (Andrea Leadsom).

Other Papers:

2 Culture, Media and Sport

A BBC for the future: a broadcaster of distinction (by Command) (Cm. 9242) (Secretary John Whittingdale).

3 Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Good Business: Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (by Command) (Cm. 9255) (Secretary Philip Hammond).

4 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme

Charging Scheme for Offshore Installations made under Regulation 18 of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme Regulations 2012 (by Statutory Instrument) (Andrea Leadsom).

5 National Crime Agency

Third Report of the National Crime Agency Remuneration Review Body for 2016 (by Command) (Cm. 9266) (Secretary Theresa May).

6 Supply Estimates, 2016–17

(1) Main Supply Estimates for 2016–17: House of Commons: Members (by Command); to be printed (HC 999) (Greg Hands); and

(2) Main Supply Estimate for 2016–17: House of Commons Administration (by Act); to be printed (HC 935) (The Speaker).


Prepared 12th May 2016