Neighbourhood Planning Bill

Written evidence submitted on behalf of the Greater London Authority and Transport for London (NPB 11)

Neighbourhood Planning Bill

Public Bill Committee

The Mayor welcomes the Neighbourhood Planning Bill, in particular the reforms to compulsory purchase that should help to make the system fairer and quicker, as well as enabling more of the uplift in value resulting from public sector interventions to accrue to acquiring authorities.

The Mayor welcomes the sections that specifically address the GLA’s compulsory purchase powers and those of its functional bodies. Officers have been in detailed discussions with Government officials in relation to a number of technical aspects of the Bill where changes will be necessary in order to give effect to the intentions behind the drafting. By way of brief summary, the Mayor’s concerns with the Bill in its current form are set out below:

· Temporary possession powers play an important part in the compulsory purchase process. The current draft Bill lacks detail in key areas and we are pressing for changes to be made to the Bill. This includes details on leasehold interests and changes to the provisions around compensation so that the Bill reflects existing practice and prevents any uplift in value as a result of a scheme.

· As drafted the Bill would create some ambiguity for schemes currently being implemented in relation to temporary possession powers and these ambiguities need to be closed.

· In relation to compensation, there are aspects of the current Bill (for example the definition of "scheme") that we believe need amending in order to achieve the stated intent of enabling the public sector to benefit to a greater extent from value uplift created by public projects.

· The Bill includes welcome proposals for a more holistic approach to the use of compulsory purchase powers which facilitate regeneration, housing and transport enhancements. There are some gaps that need to be closed (for example it currently excludes Mayoral Development Corporations and does not cover all relevant Transport for London compulsory purchase powers).

October 2016


Prepared 1st November 2016