Bus Services Bill [HL]

Written evidence submitted by Mr Shouvik Datta (BSB 20)

Dear Sir

1. As a supporter of the Campaign for a Better Transport & having read its submission to the Scrutiny Unit or committee of the House of Commons, I fully support all of the submission’s recommendations on the Bus Services Bill.

2. This bill will have a crucial role in determining the role of bus services in British transport in the years & decades to come.

3. A national strategy on bus funding will provide the UK’s three bus manufacturers with the economic & financial stability that they deserve & need. It will also provide them with a springboard to develop an export strategy. For example, Alexander Dennis have recently achieved a major success, with an export order to Germany’s capital Berlin. Access to the EU’s single market is important for UK exports, & also for importing of key components for buses. Wider trade deals, for example to Hong Kong, where Optare supply buses to, is also crucial.

4. Franchising powers should be extended to all local authorities, & they should have the right to form municipal bus authorities if they choose. Buses are the most commonly used form of public transport.

5. I also support disability equality training for drivers (which is important for elderly users of buses) & concessionary fares for 16-18 year olds. I would add speaking for myself, that university students might benefit a lot from concessionary bus fares as well,

Shouvik Datta.

March 2017


Prepared 16th March 2017