Children and Social Work Bill [Lords]

Written evidence submitted by Mary J Flores AKA Mary Moss (CSWB 14)

1.1 I am the last elected chair of the well know consumer group the National Association of Young People In Care est 1979 - 2016. I was elected as National Chair by 450 children in care and later elected again by 1100 young people from care at two conferences.

1.2 1100 young people from care voted that NAYPIC should lobby for an independent budget much like the IPCC will be doing next year in 2017, a parliamentary budget enshrined in law, a budget which smacks of independence and incredibly a budget the U.K. could be the first in the world to be proud of, this budget would be a Youth Economy, the first steps to creating the independent voice of the children in our country.

1.3 The amendment proposed which encompasses all aspects of the #CSWB is for just a £1 in sterling to be ring-fenced per child per year for children to set up their own democratic organisation, to buy in the expertise they choose and to run socially responsible offices that represent finally the independently attained voices of our youngsters in the U.K. without fear or favour!

December 2016


Prepared 19th December 2016