Children & Social Work Bill [Lords]

Written evidence submitted by Rachel Olaoye (CSWB 39)

Executive Summary

1.1 Catholic schools seem to deliver sex and relationships education (SRE) too late, after some students become sexually active.

1.2 Good SRE prevents problems, teaches about consent and empowers young people not to have sex now but to wait, if that’s what they choose.

1.3 Abuse can be avoided and reported when good SRE is delivered.


2.1 Rachel attended Cardinal Newman High School in Luton. My sex education was pretty much non existent. I received sex education about once a year, however I was not properly taught about sex until Year 9, which everyone was pretty much active by that time.

2.2 This may be because I attended a Catholic school.

Support for, and education of, looked after and previously looked after children

3.1 I believe that SRE is an important part of education due to the fact that it prevents problems.

3.2 Good SRE makes students aware of how important it is for them to give their consent when having sex.

3.3 Good SRE lets students know that it is OK to not have sex now and they can wait until they are older.

Child safeguarding and proper performance

4.1 It is important that children are aware about what sex is so that if they have been abused they are aware of what is going on.

4.3 It is important that children understand that sex should never happen without their consent.

December 2016


Prepared 5th January 2017