Children and Social Work Bill [Lords]

Written evidence submitted by David Hersh, Chairman of Governors, Tiferes High School
(CSWB 54)

Children’s and Social Work Bill Compulsory SRE Clause 11

Dear Sirs

As Chairman of Governors of a local Jewish school, we are extremely troubled by the tabling of the amendment, Clause 11, to the Children and Social Work Bill being tabled by Stella Creasy MP.

This clause undermines Jewish values and culture as I am sure you are aware.

Although it might be appropriate in certain schools where problems might arise on a regular basis, the Jewish orthodox schools do not suffer from these issues, and bringing it to the fore, would in fact aggravate and increase the problems you are seeking to limit.

This being the case, the rules cannot be imposed on all schools without evidence of a need to do so, as this would as stated cause more problems than it seeks to solve.

This clause has not in any event undergone the appropriate consultation process in the education community.

Given the gravity of the ramifications of passing such a law, we request that this law is not passed.

January 2017


Prepared 9th January 2017