Election planning and services Contents


1.Our Inquiry invited submissions from all Members—returned, former, and especially those who were new in 2015. We also sought external evidence, advice and feedback from Parliamentary bodies including the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). This allowed us to thoroughly explore arrangements made by the House of Commons to support new and returning Members following the 2015 General Election as well as look at the provision of information over the dissolution1 period.

2.The purpose of this Report is primarily to be forward looking and apply the lessons learnt from 2015, as well as past elections, to improve the services provided for new Members when they arrive in Westminster after the next election. Our findings are broadly speaking extremely positive and reflect the fact that many of the arrangements in 2015 were developed as a direct result of engagement with Members and with this Committee.

1 Dissolution refers to the point at which the previous Parliament officially ends and covers the period up until the next Parliament returns on the day set out by royal proclamation. At the point of dissolution all MPs revert to being members of the public and lose privileges associated with being a Member of Parliament. Parliament may be ‘prorogued’ a few days before being dissolved. At prorogation all parliamentary business ends, although that Parliament would still exist until dissolution.

15 March 2017