The Digital Economy Contents


75.The United Kingdom is a digital leader with significant growth in the digital economy. The Government needs to continue to support digital innovation to promote productivity and growth. A crucial aspect of this support is the need to measure properly the digital economy, in order to inform its digital strategy. Also, the provision of core digital skills is paramount; while the fast pace of innovation means that there will always be a skills gap, a workforce with a clear grasp of the fundamentals will be best placed to respond to ever-changing needs. We recognise and endorse the Government’s support of the digital economy, and we look forward to the Government’s Digital Strategy, which we hope will be published as soon as possible.

76.Above all else, we call on the Government to provide clarity on the regulation of disruptive change, which should be to promote productivity, innovation, and customer choice and protection, while giving worker protection. Platforms themselves should be key players in the regulatory framework, ensuring both that users comply with regulations and that workers have reasonable employment conditions. We are excited by the potential of digital innovation to promote productivity and growth, and we look to the Government to continue its support of the digital economy. It should bring together in the Digital Strategy the different governmental initiatives that each Department is taking to ensure a cohesive and co-ordinated approach to promoting the digital economy.

77.Finally, the Government must explain how its Digital Strategy will be affected by the referendum result.

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15 July 2016