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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

All publications from the Committee are available on the publications page of the Committee’s website.

The reference number of the Government’s response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2015–16

First Report

The UK steel industry

HC 546

Second Report

The Government’s Productivity Plan

HC 466

Third Report

The Teaching Excellence Framework: Assessing quality in Higher Education

HC 572

First Special Report

Competition in the postal services sector and the Universal Service Obligation: Responses to the Committee’s Ninth Report of Session 2014–15

HC 447

Second Special Report/First Joint Special Report

Education, skills and productivity: commissioned research

HC 565

Third Special Report

The UK steel industry: Government Response to the crisis: Response to the Committee’s First Report of Session 2015–16

HC 861

Session 2016–17

First Report

Careers education, information, advice and guidance

HC 205

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15 July 2016