Adult social care Contents


171.We are conscious that in many places in this report we have called on the Government to provide more funds for social care. We have not done so lightly. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Community Health and Care did not agree that the social care system was in crisis—a term the Chief Executive of NHS England was happy to use—preferring to describe it as “under stress”. But it is clear from our inquiry that unless significant extra funds are provided in the short and medium terms, the social care system will be unable to cope with the demands placed upon it. Extra funding alone will not solve the problems that face us, but without it the other steps we have suggested will quite simply fail.

172.We welcome the Government’s announcement of a Green Paper on the long-term funding of social care later this year. We reiterate that, to ensure the work results in a lasting solution, it should be taken forward on a cross-party basis. We will review the scope of the Green Paper when it is published later this year and consider whether a further inquiry into any issues it raises is needed.

29 March 2017