2015–17 Parliament: Legacy Report Contents

The Committee’s two themes

1.In one of our first meetings in the 2015–17 Parliament we decided to choose two main themes in order to focus our work. These were housing, and the form, function and financing of local government. All of our reports in this Parliament can be put into one of these categories, and in many reports we deliberately agreed conclusions that committed us to following up one or more aspects of an inquiry, so that our focus was maintained. In this legacy report, we briefly summarise these forward-looking conclusions, and also outline the inquiries we had started or agreed provisionally, in the hope that our successors may find it useful to have a list of suggestions on which to base their consideration of their own future programme. We wish them well.

2.We recognise the contribution made to our work by Jo Cox, a member of the Committee from July 2015 to March 2016; like the House as a whole, we mourn her loss.

28 April 2017