2015–17 Parliament: Legacy Report Contents

2Planned work

11.Because of the dissolution of Parliament we had to close inquiries into Housing for older people and Overview and scrutiny in local government before taking any oral evidence, but we have published the written submissions we received. We believe that these demonstrate the importance of both inquiries, and encourage our successors to consider restarting them both.

12.Shortly before the announcement of the General Election, the Committee considered its programme for the rest of 2017, and beyond. We list here the inquiries we had agreed in principle, so that our successors can draw on what we judged to be the important issues within the Committee’s remit when they come to consider their own future programme.

13.The two large inquiries for the autumn were to have been into:

14.We had also planned a number of shorter inquiries:

15.In addition we had intended to follow up our evidence session with Dame Louise Casey on her report on integration once the Government had announced proposals to implement its recommendations.

16.Finally, we feel that our work was hampered by delays in the Department responding to our reports and hope that their performance will improve in the next Parliament.

28 April 2017