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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

HOL numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

11625 Independent People (HOL0103)

2AAT Maura Griffin (HOL0139)

3Agenda (HOL0133)

4Alexandre Posterity (HOL0015)

5Association of Housing Advice Services (HOL0078)

6Association of Retained Council Housing (HOL0129)

7Avalon Cabins Ltd (HOL0160)

8Aylesbury Vale District Council (HOL0081)

9Birmingham City Council (HOL0107)

10Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA) (HOL0067)

11Braintree District Council (HOL0039)

12Brent Council (HOL0061)

13Brighton & Hove City Council (HOL0036)

14Brighton Housing Trust (HOL0057)

15Bristol City Council (HOL0038)

16Cardiff University (HOL0144)

17Cardinal Hume Centre (HOL0126)

18Catchinglives (HOL0112)

19Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University (HOL0043)

20Centrepoint (HOL0031)

21Changing Lives (HOL0114)

22Chartered Institute of Housing (HOL0033)

23Citizens Advice (HOL0115)

24Citizens Advice Runnymede and Spelthorne (HOL0022)

25City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (HOL0026)

26City of Lincoln Council (HOL0117)

27City of York Council (HOL0068)

28Crisis (HOL0074)

29Crisis (HOL0153)

30CSAN (Caritas Social Action Network) (HOL0066)

31David SmartKnight (HOL0045)

32DCLG (HOL0149)

33Department of Health (HOL0164)

34Depaul UK (HOL0156)

35Derventio Housing Trust (HOL0042)

36Devon & Cornwall Housing Options Partnership (HOL0072)

37Dr Katherine Shelton (HOL0027)

38Dr Rosalind Beck (HOL0147)

39Durham County Council (HOL0058)

40East London Housing Partnership (HOL0092)

41East Riding of Yorkshire Council (HOL0070)

42Emmaus UK (HOL0059)

43End Youth Homelessness (HOL0065)

44ERSA (HOL0016)

45ForViva (HOL0069)

46Gareth Wilson (HOL0145)

47Greater Manchester Housing Needs Group (HOL0077)

48Green Pastures (HOL0018)

49Guildford Borough Council (HOL0101)

50Halton Housing Trust (HOL0029)

51Harrow Council (HOL0086)

52Homeless Link (HOL0097)

53Homeless Link (HOL0159)

54Homelessness and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Group (HOL0056)

55Housing Consultant on Homelessness Andy Gale (HOL0049)

56Housing Justice (HOL0040)

57Housing Law Practitioners Association (HOL0004)

58Hugo Sugg (HOL0110)

59hyh (HOL0128)

60Ian Tyes (HOL0001)

61Inclusion London (HOL0063)

62Joseph Rowntree Foundation (HOL0102)

63Justlife (HOL0155)

64King’s College London (HOL0088)

65Kirklees Council (HOL0100)

66LB Tower Hamlets (HOL0096)

67LB Waltham Forest (HOL0095)

68Liverpool City Council (HOL0113)

69Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Commission (HOL0140)

70Living Well Bromley (HOL0124)

71Local Government Association (HOL0037)

72Local Government Ombudsman (HOL0048)

73London Borough of Camden (HOL0134)

74London Borough of Ealing (HOL0137)

75London Borough of Newham (HOL0135)

76London City Mission (HOL0142)

77London Councils (HOL0109)

78Look Ahead (HOL0120)

79M Stevens (HOL0007)

80Manchester City Council (HOL0034)

81Mark Crossley (HOL0012)

82Mayday Trust (HOL0148)

83Midland Heart (HOL0119)

84Miss Kathy Miller (HOL0003)

85Mr Graham Sharp (HOL0047)

86Mr Gregory Elliott (HOL0014)

87Mr Jason Beckley (HOL0002)

88Mr Kevin Neil (HOL0123)

89Mr Zulfiqar Ali Mulak (HOL0082)

90Ms Helen Joberns (HOL0163)

91Ms Stella Headley (HOL0152)

92Nacro (HOL0143)

93National Housing Federation (HOL0085)

94New Horizon Youth Centre (HOL0032)

95Newcastle City Council (HOL0055)

96Nia (HOL0019)

97No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) Network (HOL0025)

98North East Regional Homelessness Group and North East Homelessness Think Tank (HOL0051)

99North East Regional Homelessness Group Offender and Homelessness Working Group (HOL0073)

100North London Housing Partnership (HOL0091)

101Northumberland County Council (HOL0060)

102Nottingham Citizens Advice (HOL0006)

103Nottingham City Council (HOL0071)

104Opportunity Nottingham (HOL0083)

105Pathway/Faculty for Homeless Health (HOL0158)

106Phoenix Futures (HOL0161)

107Plymouth City Council (HOL0093)

108Population Matters (HOL0141)

109Portsmouth and District Private Landlords Association (HOL0138)

110Reading Borough Council (HOL0106)

111Regional Asylum Activism Project (HOL0075)

112Residential Landlords Association (HOL0111)

113Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea / London Borough of Wandsworth (HOL0023)

114Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (HOL0146)

115Runnymede Homelessness Task Group (HOL0030)

116Sedgemoor District Council (HOL0130)

117Shelter (HOL0094)

118SHORE (Sussex) (HOL0041)

119Social Finance (HOL0054)

120South Cambridgeshire District Council (HOL0017)

121South East London Housing Partnership (HOL0062)

122South East London Housing Partnership (HOL0132)

123Spelthorne Borough Council (HOL0024)

124St Basils (HOL0021)

125St Mungo’s (HOL0099)

126Surrey Leaders Group (SLG) (HOL0052)

127Tameside Preventing Homelessness Forum (HOL0080)

128Thames Reach (HOL0122)

129The Children’s Society (HOL0131)

130The Disabilities Trust (HOL0136)

131The National Practitioner Support Service (HOL0154)

132The Royal British Legion (HOL0116)

133The Salvation Army (HOL0050)

134The Vine Centre (HOL0013)

135Threshold (HOL0076)

136Thurrock Council (HOL0053)

137Trudy Baddams (HOL0125)

138Understanding Society, Institute for Social and Economic Research (HOL0087)

139University of Southampton (HOL0162)

140Welsh Government (HOL0157)

141West London Housing Partnership (HOL0118)

142West Midlands Police (HOL0028)

143Westminster City Council (HOL0084)

144Women at the Well (HOL0035)

145Women in Prison (HOL0121)

146YMCA England (HOL0098)

147York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Strategic Housing Board/Homelessness Forum (HOL0108)

148Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K) (HOL0104)

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3 August 2016