Public parks Contents


Terms of Reference


1 Introduction and background

Our inquiry

Ministerial responsibility

2 Why do parks matter?

The role of parks

Children and young people

Physical and mental health and wellbeing

Active travel

Community cohesion and identity

Biodiversity and access to nature

Local economy and growth

Climate change and the environment

The diverse role of parks

Assessing the value of parks

3 What challenges are facing the parks sector?

Competing demands and tensions between park users


The impact of funding reductions

Health and safety in parks

Access to revenue and capital funding

Unequal distribution of parks and green spaces

Access to green spaces in deprived areas

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11.

Impact on children and young people

Impact on people with disabilities

Planning policy

Green infrastructure

4 How can we secure a sustainable future for parks?

The role of the community

Innovation and alternative approaches

A statutory duty to provide and maintain parks

A workable alternative

Parks champions

Parks and green space strategies

Coordination and leadership

5 Conclusion


Conclusions and recommendations

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

7 February 2017