Restoring the Fleet: Naval Procurement and the National Shipbuilding Strategy Contents


Terms of Reference


1 Introduction

Our inquiry

The capacity of the Royal Navy and the current global threats

2 National Shipbuilding Strategy


Workforce and Training

3 Type 26 Global Combat Ship


The Type 26 Programme

Financial constraints

Costs of further delay

Transfer of equipment

Extending the service life of the Type 23 frigates

Offshore Patrol Vessels

4 General Purpose Frigate


Design and capabilities

Potential for export

5 Type 45 Destroyer


The Engine and the WR21 component

Engine Testing

Working in high ambient temperatures

The refit programme

Cost of the refit

6 Conclusion

Conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: Numbers of ships in the surface fleet

Appendix 2: Naval Strengths

Appendix 3: Standing commitments for the Royal Navy

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

17 November 2016