Exposing Walter Mitty: The Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill Contents


51.There is a busy thoroughfare in the Palace of Westminster known as the Medals Corridor which holds an extensive number of gallantry and campaign medals in display cases on its walls. This impressive collection presents a near complete perspective of military honours issued by the Crown over the past two centuries and remains a source of fascination to visitors to Parliament, old and new.

52.The deeds which lie behind these awards represent acts of individual valour and self-sacrifice of the highest order and collectively stand as a testament to the courage and service of HM Armed Forces. It is appropriate that the marks of honour awarded in recognition of such deeds are protected by law.

53.We conclude that the protections sought in the Bill are necessary to safeguard the integrity of the military honours system, to reflect the justifiably strong public condemnation of the deceitful use of military honours, and to ensure that legitimate recipients of these distinguished awards should not have to endure the intrusion of imposters.

54.We support this Bill and are confident that the refinements we suggest in our Report can be addressed either at Second Reading or during the Committee Stage of the Bill. We look to the Government to endorse the Bill and to facilitate its passage through Parliament.

16 November 2016