Retention and recruitment of teachers Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

SOT numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Accord Coalition (SOT0023)

2Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (SOT0044)

3Andrea Lane (SOT0008)

4AQA (SOT0021)

5Association for Science Education, Institute of Physics, Royal Society, Royal Society of Biology and Royal Society of Chemistry (SOT0016)

6Association Of School And College Leaders (SOT0032)

7ATL (SOT0025)

8Buckinghamshire County Council (SOT0056)

9Catherine Bartholomew (SOT0006)

10Catholic Education Service (SOT0020)

11Catholic Education Service (SOT0059)

12Department for Education (SOT0046)

13Design and Technology Association (SOT0051)

14Education Support Partnership (SOT0039)

15Gatsby Charitable Foundation (SOT0043)

16Geographical Association (SOT0012)

17Independent Schools Council (SOT0015)

18London Borough of Redbridge (SOT0001)

19London Borough of Waltham Forest (SOT0040)

20Mathematical Association (SOT0050)

21Medway Council (SOT0027)

22MillionPlus (SOT0017)

23MillionPlus, The Association for Modern Universities (SOT0064)

24Mr James Whelan (SOT0010)

25Mr John Manning (SOT0002)

26NASUWT (SOT0052)

27NASUWT (SOT0060)

28National Association of Head Teachers (SOT0013)

29National Association of Head Teachers (SOT0061)

30National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers (SOT0047)

31National Foundation for Educational Research (SOT0057)

32National Governors’ Association (SOT0055)

33National Governors’ Association (SOT0063)

34National Union of Teachers (SOT0054)

35National Union of Teachers (SOT0062)

36Oasis Community Learning (SOT0048)

37Place2be (SOT0037)

38Prospero Teaching (SOT0029)

39Recruitment & Employment Confederation (SOT0042)

40Religious Education Council, NATRE and AULRE (SOT0041)

41Researchers in Schools (SOT0024)

42Rusper Primary School (SOT0009)

43Sheffield Institute of Education (SOT0030)

44St Mary’s University (SOT0026)

45Teachnext (SOT0018)

46TeachVac (SOT0003)

47TeachVac (SOT0065)

48TES Global (SOT0058)

49The Green Party of England and Wales (SOT0005)

50The Long Eaton School (SOT0028)

51UCL Institute of Education (SOT0022)

52Universities Council for the Education Of Teachers (SOT0004)

53Universities UK (SOT0036)

54University and College Union (SOT0049)

55University of Cumbria (SOT0035)

56University of Huddersfield (SOT0019)

57University of Oxford, Department of Education and others (SOT0038)

58University of Southampton (SOT0033)

59Voice - The Union for Educational Professionals (SOT0031)

60Wellcome Trust (SOT0045)

61West Sussex Secondary Headteachers’ Association (SOT0053)

20 February 2017