Exiting the EU: challenges and opportunities for higher education Contents

Annex 1: Engagement event at London South Bank University

On 7 December 2016 we held an informal engagement event with university staff and students at London South Bank University. The event was advertised through our website, social media and targeted at higher education groups. Our hosts London South Bank University also publicised the event internally. Attendees discussed three broad questions within the scope of our inquiry with Committee Members and staff.

The following is a summary of comments made during the event, split into the 3 broad questions. The attendees were divided into 5 groups. These comments amalgamate the general views from the event, except for when one group had a different view to others.

Q1 What do you think are the biggest issues and priorities for higher education following the decision to exit the European Union?

Q2 What should the Government be doing in the short term, during the negotiations and beyond, to protect the higher education sector?

Q3 What opportunities could Brexit provide for universities, and how can universities ensure they remain competitive globally after Brexit?

21 April 2017