Exiting the EU: challenges and opportunities for higher education Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

XHE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Academy of Social Sciences (XHE0192)

2Alice Holden (XHE0090)

3Alison Whitehead (XHE0085)

4Anonymous 1 (XHE0024)

5Anonymous 2 (XHE0026)

6Anonymous 3 (XHE0093)

7Ashley Harris (XHE0025)

8Association of Colleges (XHE0135)

9Aston University (XHE0120)

10Birkbeck, University of London (XHE0086)

11Bournemouth University (XHE0117)

12Brenda White (XHE0030)

13British and Irish Modern Music Institute (XHE0079)

14British Council (XHE0199)

15British Film Institute (XHE0194)

16British Medical Association (XHE0101)

17Campaign for Science and Engineering (XHE0187)

18Cardiff University (XHE0157)

19Charles Marshall (XHE0013)

20Charlotte Rosher (XHE0009)

21City of London Corporation (XHE0202)

22ColegauCymru (CollegesWales) (XHE0098)

23Council for Higher Education in Art & Design (XHE0182)

24Council of UK Classics Departments (XHE0082)

25Coventry University (XHE0064)

26Cranfield University (XHE0203)

27Creative Industries Federation (XHE0188)

28Daniel Phillips (XHE0018)

29Department for Education (XHE0159)

30Dr Amelia Hadfield (XHE0109)

31Dr Anne Corbett and Dr Claire Gordon (XHE0197)

32Dr Christophe Gagne (XHE0155)

33Dr Daniel Ungar (XHE0059)

34Dr Federico Bonaddio (XHE0106)

35Dr Felix Eigenbrod (XHE0068)

36Dr Fiona O’Carroll (XHE0164)

37Dr Freddie Gaffney (XHE0011)

38Dr Helmut Schmitz (XHE0053)

39Dr Hilary Perraton (XHE0206)

40Dr Johanna Malt (XHE0065)

41Dr John McKeane (XHE0055)

42Dr Lindsay Bywood (XHE0036)

43Dr Liz Gloyn (XHE0075)

44Dr Martin Dickson (XHE0027)

45Dr Martina Zimmermann and others (XHE0153)

46Dr Miranda Stanyon (XHE0128)

47Dr Nick Parsons and Professor Rachael Langford (XHE0105)

48Dr Paula Blair (XHE0124)

49Dr Philippa Steele (XHE0080)

50Dr Sarah Morgan (XHE0056)

51Dr Sheila Dickson (XHE0021)

52Dr Simon Robbins (XHE0014)

53Dr Will Baker (XHE0058)

54Dr William Hunter (XHE0037)

55Dr William Tobin (XHE0029)

56Dr Wissia Fiorucci (XHE0081)

57Edge Hill University (XHE0148)

58Emma Jones (XHE0091)

59Engineering Professors’ Council (XHE0122)

60English Association (XHE0110)

61English UK (XHE0125)

62Erasmus Student Network UK (XHE0176)

63European Students’ Union (XHE0184)

64Faculty of Science, University of Warwick (XHE0116)

65G5 Group (XHE0129)

66Genevieve Sylt (XHE0069)

67GuildHE (XHE0169)

68Hannah Skoda (XHE0033)

69Hans-Joachim Hahn (XHE0050)

70Hobsons (XHE0162)

71Hult International Business School (XHE0207)

72ICAEW (XHE0134)

73Imperial College London (XHE0193)

74Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex (XHE0118)

75Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (XHE0149)


77Katie Shanahan (XHE0185)

78Kevin McDonald (XHE0035)

79Lancaster University (XHE0123)

80Landscape Institute (XHE0181)

81Lesley Benz (XHE0099)

82London Higher (XHE0132)

83London School of Economics and Political Science (XHE0107)

84Michael Lewent (XHE0103)

85MillionPlus (XHE0076)

86Miss Amber Bartlett (XHE0002)

87Miss Bryony Mann (XHE0042)

88Miss Caitlin Riley (XHE0017)

89Miss Colette Weston (XHE0039)

90Miss Georgia Davies (XHE0067)

91Miss Hollie Robson (XHE0044)

92Miss Julia Kennedy (XHE0126)

93Miss Kerry Wilkin (XHE0019)

94Miss Priscilla Floyd (XHE0074)

95Miss Rachel Balmer (XHE0023)

96Miss Rhona Graham (XHE0113)

97Miss Stefanie Leigh-Ford (XHE0038)

98Modern Language Centre, King’s College London (XHE0160)

99Momentum World CIC (XHE0154)

100Mr Andrew Hill (XHE0173)

101Mr Andy Thompson (XHE0136)

102Mr Benjamin Hegan (XHE0061)

103Mr Charles Hewitt (XHE0062)

104Mr Clement Manger (XHE0007)

105Mr Cormac Begley (XHE0015)

106Mr David Buchan (XHE0205)

107Mr Jake Handley (XHE0060)

108Mr Jamie Davies (XHE0004)

109Mr Joseph Myers (XHE0043)

110Mr Lloyd Huitson (XHE0114)

111Mr Luke Martyr (XHE0016)

112Mr Nicholas Bray (XHE0057)

113Mr Stephen Devincenzi (XHE0022)

114Mr Thomas Britt (XHE0073)

115Mr William Williams (XHE0040)

116Mrs Louise Fraser-Mitchell (XHE0186)

117Mrs Rebecca Stevens (XHE0049)

118Mrs Sian Tezel (XHE0005)

119Ms Andrea Klaus (XHE0034)

120Ms Jocelyne Green (XHE0032)

121Ms Lucile Desligneres (XHE0088)

122Ms Martina Williams (XHE0139)

123National Union of Students (XHE0092)

124Newcastle University (XHE0104)

125Nottingham Trent University (XHE0151)

126NSEAD (XHE0163)

127Paul Milton (XHE0045)

128Professor Alexis Grohmann (XHE0006)

129Professor Brian Cummings (XHE0111)

130Professor Chris Rowley (XHE0209)

131Professor David Hook (XHE0078)

132Professor David Ricks (XHE0121)

133Professor Emeritus Ronald Speirs (XHE0052)

134Professor Ian Roberts (XHE0041)

135Professor Lyndal Roper (XHE0189)

136Professor Marian Hobson Jeanneret CBE, FBA (XHE0097)

137Professor Mark Hodson (XHE0003)

138Professor Peter Dayan (XHE0087)

139Professor Rosamond Mitchell and Dr Patricia Romero (XHE0127)

140Professor Suzanne Bray (XHE0047)

141Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (XHE0172)

142Research Councils UK (XHE0201)

143Robert Barnard (XHE0031)

144Rohan Roy (XHE0204)

145Royal Academy of Engineering and Engineering the Future (XHE0200)

146Royal Academy of Music (XHE0077)

147Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) (XHE0178)

148Royal Society of Biology (XHE0145)

149Safir Ahmed (XHE0048)

150Sannam S4 (XHE0102)

151Sarah Badrock (XHE0020)

152School of European Languages, Society and Culture and the Department of European Social and Economic Studies, University College London (XHE0095)

153Scottish Council of Independent Schools (XHE0070)

154Sheffield Hallam University (XHE0168)

155SOAS, University of London (XHE0161)

156Southampton Solent University (XHE0166)

157St Mary’s University (XHE0108)

158Susie Nicodemi, Mark E Taylor and Dr Howard Williamson (XHE0066)

159The British Academy (XHE0142)

160The Geological Society of London and University Geoscience UK (XHE0158)

161The Open University (XHE0180)

162The Publishers Association (XHE0196)

163The Russell Group (XHE0094)

164Toni Crosby (XHE0063)

165UK Erasmus+ National Agency (XHE0175)

166Universities and Colleges Employers Association (XHE0167)

167Universities Scotland (XHE0191)

168Universities UK (XHE0195)

169Universities UK (XHE0208)

170University Alliance (XHE0115)

171University and College Union (XHE0165)

172University College London (XHE0130)

173University Council of Modern Languages (XHE0083)

174University English (XHE0137)

175University of Birmingham (XHE0100)

176University of Cambridge (XHE0084)

177University of East Anglia (XHE0150)

178University of Exeter (XHE0177)

179University of Glasgow (XHE0147)

180University of Greenwich (XHE0146)

181University of Kent (XHE0119)

182University of Liverpool (XHE0171)

183University of Plymouth (XHE0112)

184University of Portsmouth, University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University (XHE0141)

185University of Sheffield (XHE0144)

186University of Sussex (XHE0010)

187University of Sussex (XHE0133)

188University of the Arts London (XHE0174)

189University of the West of England (XHE0051)

190University of the West of England (XHE0072)

191University of Warwick (XHE0131)

192University of Warwick School of Modern Languages Staff-Student Liaison Committee (XHE0140)

193University of York (XHE0156)

194University Partnerships Programme (XHE0170)

195Wendy Newman (XHE0054)

196YouthLink Scotland (XHE0071)

197Zurich Municipal (XHE0096)

21 April 2017