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Annex: Committee visit to Copenhagen, 24–25 February 2016

Wednesday 24 February


Energinet.dk is Denmark’s publically-owned TSO. We met Torben Brabo, Senior Vice-President, Peter Jørgensen, Vice-President, Associated Activities, System Development and Electricity Markets, Jens Møller Birkebæk, Senior Manager, Renewables Integration and System Development, Stina Willumsen, Head of Strategy and Politics, and Søren Damsgaard Mikkelsen, Chief Project Manager, Energinet.dk, and Oliver Wood, Viking Link Project Director, National Grid. We discussed Energinet.dk’s role and objectives, its balancing of variable wind generation, European energy-grid collaboration, and the planned UK-Denmark Viking Link interconnector.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

DTU is a specialist university ranked among the best in Europe for engineering and technology. We met Poul Erik Morthorst, Head, Marie Münster, Senior Researcher, and Klaus Skytte, Head of Energy Economics and Regulation, Systems Analysis Division, DTU Management Engineering. We discussed strategies for integrating wind power into networks, and Denmark’s district-heating system.

DONG Energy

DONG Energy is Denmark’s largest energy company and the world leader in offshore wind. We met Ulrik Stridbæk, Head of Group Regulatory Affairs, and Jane Cooper, UK Head of Regulatory and Stakeholder Relations, DONG Energy. We discussed DONG’s corporate strategy, and technological development in offshore-wind and biomass power.

British Embassy Copenhagen

We met Vivien Life, HM Ambassador to Denmark, Stine Leth Rasmussen, Head of Department, Danish Energy Association, Lea Wemelin, Member of the Folketing290 (Social Democratic Party) for Bornholm Greater, and Stina Willumsen, Head of Strategy and Politics, Energinet.dk. We discussed renewable energy, community energy in Denmark, interconnection, and electrification of transport.

Thursday 25 February

Danish Energy Agency and Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate

The Danish Energy Agency is the executive agency delivering Denmark’s energy policy, reporting to the Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate. We met Mikkel Vinter Henriksen, Head, EU Coordination Office, Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate, and Lykke Mulvad Jeppesen, Head of Division, Danish Energy Agency. We discussed the governance of Denmark’s energy sector and state support for renewable energy.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and PensionDanmark

PensionDanmark is a pension fund managing €25 billion in assets; CIP is a fund management company investing in regulated energy infrastructure: both have investments in the UK. We met Torben Möger Pederson, CEO, PensionDanmark, Christian Skakkebæk, Partner, and Jesper Krarup Holst, Vice-President for Biomass Assets, CIP. We discussed these companies’ low carbon investment strategies and investor confidence in the UK energy sector.

Danish Energy Association

The Danish Energy Association represents energy companies in Demark. We met Lars Aagaard, CEO, and Jørgen S. Christensen, CTO, Danish Energy Association. We discussed security of supply, decarbonisation policy, interconnection, and Distribution System Operators.

Avedøre Power Station

State of Green, a public-private partnership between the Danish Government, the Danish Energy Association and others, facilitated our tour of the Avedøre Power Station, a 793 MW Combined Heat and Power plant on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

290 Danish Parliament

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