Low carbon network infrastructure Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

LCN numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1AES UK & Ireland (LCN0019)

2Association for the Conservation of Energy (LCN0024)

3Balfour Beatty (LCN0044)

4British Gas (LCN0015)

5Carbon Capture and Storage Association (LCN0038)

6Citizens Advice (LCN0013)

7Confederation of UK Coal Producers (Coalpro) (LCN0007)

8Department of Energy and Climate Change (LCN0041)

9Drax Group Plc (LCN0052)

10Durham Energy Institute, Durham University (LCN0021)

11E.On (LCN0036)

12Ecuity Llp (LCN0012)

13EDF Energy (LCN0027)

14Electricity Storage Network (LCN0014)

15Electricity Storage Network (LCN0060)

16Energy Networks Association (LCN0018)

17ETI (LCN0022)

18GE and Element Power (LCN0063)

19Haven Power Limited (LCN0008)

20Institution of Civil Engineers (LCN0010)

21Kiwi Power (LCN0053)

22LDA Design (LCN0025)

23Mr Brian Gerrard (LCN0040)

24Mr Dominic McCann (LCN0001)

25Mr Hugh Small (LCN0045)

26Mr John Phillips (LCN0006)

27Mr Michael Fell (LCN0051)

28Nationalgrid (LCN0047)

29Newcastle University (LCN0034)

30Northern Powergrid (LCN0037)

31Ofgem (LCN0043)

32Prospect (Union for Professionals) (LCN0026)

33Rail Freight Group (LCN0002)

34REA (LCN0033)

35Renewable Energy Systems Limited (LCN0059)

36RenewableUK (LCN0055)

37RSPB (LCN0009)

38RWE (LCN0017)

39Scottish Renewables (LCN0035)

40SGN (LCN0057)

41Siemens Energy Management (LCN0050)

42Smarter Grid Solutions (LCN0032)

43SP Energy Networks (LCN0031)

44Sussex Energy Group (LCN0039)

45Tempus Energy Supply (LCN0056)

46TGE Group (LCN0003)

47The Association for Decentralised Energy (LCN0046)

48The IET (LCN0029)

49UK & Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities (LCN0005)

50UK Energy Research Centre (LCN0016)

51UK HFCA Ltd (LCN0061)

52UK Power Networks (LCN0049)

53Wales & West Utilities Ltd (LCN0020)

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15 June 2016