The energy revolution and future challenges for UK energy and climate change policy Contents


Energy Revolution inquiry HC 175

The following witnesses gave evidence. Transcripts can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

Tuesday 11 October 2016 Question number

Barry Hatton, Director of Asset Management, UK Power Networks, Amanda Lyne, Chair, UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, Dr Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Association, and Dr Jill Cainey, Director, Electricity Storage Network


Yoav Zingher, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kiwi Power, Phil Sheppard, Director of SO Operations, Network Capability, National Grid, Sara Bell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tempus Energy Technology, Professor Jim Watson, Director, UK Energy Research Centre, and Colin Calder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PassivSystems


Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive, Smart Energy GB, Simon Roberts, Chief Executive, Centre for Sustainable Energy, and Victoria MacGregor, Director of Energy. Citizens Advice


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14 October 2016