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Published written evidence

Energy Revolution inquiry HC 175

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

REV numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A.R.DAY (REV0115)

2Act on Climate Ltd (REV0122)

3AECB the association for environment conscious building (REV0045)

4Algometrics Limited (REV0062)

5Association for Project Management (APM) (REV0091)

6Atkins (REV0058)

7Aum Energy Pte Ltd (REV0129)

8Ayrenergy Ltd (REV0032)

9Bill Jenkins (REV0023)

10Calor Gas Ltd (REV0090)

11Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd (REV0066)

12Carlos Beltran (REV0064)

13Centre for Nuclear Engineering, Imperial College (REV0065)

14Citizens Advice (REV0063)

15Control Network Solutions (REV0055)

16David Bowen (REV0031)

17David Pearson (REV0028)

18Dearman (REV0048)

19Demand Logic (REV0049)

20Den Tread (REV0013)

21Doosan Babcock (REV0106)

22Dr Brian Ahern (REV0022)

23Dr Craig Richmond (REV0080)

24Dr Dan Saker (REV0101)

25Dr Robert Luk (REV0025)

26Dunelm Energy (REV0035)

27E.ON UK PLC (REV0117)

28E3G (REV0098)

29Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) (REV0097)

30Electricity Storage Network (REV0043)

31Electron Energy Research Ltd. (REV0061)

32Electron Energy Research Ltd. (REV0132)

33Energy Managers Association (REV0044)

34Energy Policy Group, University of Exeter (REV0089)

35Energy Process Developments Ltd (REV0126)

36Energy Unlocked (REV0086)

37EnerNOC (REV0087)

38Enertechnos Limited (REV0052)

39EUA (REV0088)

40Faradion (REV0123)

41GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (REV0073)

42Good Energy Ltd (REV0093)

43Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (REV0077)

44Heriot-Watt University (REV0119)

45Homeglow products (REV0037)

46HRS Energy (REV0114)

47Hyperdrive Innovation (REV0057)

48Imperial College Centre and UKERC (REV0128)

49Innovate UK (REV0053)

50InstaGroup Limited (REV0009)

51Institute for Sustainability, Newcastle University (REV0051)

52Institute of Directors (REV0099)

53Institute of Physics (REV0121)

54Institution of Mechanical Engineers (REV0096)

55Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd (REV0083)

56ITM Power (REV0071)

57Kepler Energy (REV0072)

58KiWi Power (REV0109)

59Landmark Associates Ltd. (REV0034)

60Lee Slater (REV0092)

61London South Bank University (REV0130)

62Miss Jenny Carson (REV0042)

63Modern Device (REV0019)

64Moltex Energy (REV0125)

65Mr Adrian Williams (REV0094)

66Mr Brian Woodgate (REV0006)

67Mr Chris White (REV0008)

68Mr Dominic McCann (REV0036)

69Mr Gordon Docherty (REV0027)

70Mr Greg Beckett-Leonard (REV0029)

71Mr Paul Dodgshun (REV0038)

72Mr Rex Mottershead (REV0018)

73Mr Richard Moore (REV0011)

74Mr Simon Hunt (REV0068)

75Mr Stephen Browning (REV0110)

76Mr Stephen Heale (REV0026)

77Mr Terry Putson (REV0040)

78National Nuclear Laboratory (REV0112)

79Nationalgrid (REV0118)

80Nissan (REV0076)

81North Carolina State University (REV0041)

82Northern Powergrid (REV0105)

83Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) (REV0120)

84Orchard Partners London Ltd (REV0107)

85Origen Power Ltd (REV0081)

86Osamu Ide (REV0060)

87Oxford University (REV0102)

88OXIS Energy Ltd (REV0054)

89PCAH (REV0002)

90Ph.D. Fred Zoepfl (REV0024)

91Professor Seamus Garvey (REV0012)

92REA (REV0082)

93Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (REV0104)

94retired teacher dennis lynn (REV0020)

95RSPB (REV0133)

96Scottish Renewables (REV0078)

97ScottishPower (REV0116)

98Siemens plc (REV0095)

99Smart Energy GB (REV0084)

100Smart Generation Limited (REV0069)

101SNC-Lavalin (REV0127)

102Solarmass Ltd (REV0075)

103SSE (REV0108)

104Stag Energy Development Co. Ltd (REV0056)

105Steven Hall (REV0015)

106Swanbarton Limited (REV0067)

107Tempus Energy Technology (REV0100)

108The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) (REV0103)

109The Royal Academy of Engineering (REV0124)

110Tokamak Energy Ltd (REV0079)

111Tony Hughes (REV0021)

112UK Energy Storage Hub Oxford (REV0059)

113UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (REV0074)

114UK Power Networks (REV0113)

115Unipart Rail (REV0046)

116United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (REV0085)

117Vincenzo Messina (REV0004)

118Western power distribution (REV0047)

Leaving the EU: implications for UK climate policy inquiry HC 553

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

EUC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1AECB (EUC0056)

2AES UK & Ireland (EUC0020)

3Aldersgate Group (EUC0048)

4Ashden sustainable solutions, better lives (EUC0025)

5BASF (EUC0041)

6British Ceramic Confederation (EUC0013)

7Carbon Capture and Storage Association (EUC0017)

8CF Fertilisers UK Limited (EUC0051)

9Citizens Advice (EUC0030)

10Client Earth (EUC0045)

11Construction Products Association (EUC0042)

12CPL Industries (EUC0028)

13Dr Katherine Watts (EUC0004)

14E.ON (EUC0038)

15E3G (EUC0037)

16EDF Energy (EUC0021)

17EEF (EUC0047)

18Energy Intensive Users Group (EUC0031)

19Energy UK (EUC0049)

20ENGIE (EUC0046)

21Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford (EUC0002)

22European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) (EUC0029)

23Gemserv (EUC0018)

24Geological Society (EUC0044)

25Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics (EUC0032)

26Greenpeace (EUC0052)

27International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) (EUC0003)

28Kingspan Insulation Limted (EUC0010)

29Lendlease (EUC0053)

30Max Fordham LLP (EUC0007)

31Mineral Products Association (EUC0022)

32Mineral Wool Manufacturers’ Association (MIMA) (EUC0027)

33NFU (EUC0006)

34Oil & Gas UK (EUC0033)

35Orchard Partners London Ltd (EUC0040)

36Outokumpu Stainless Ltd (EUC0009)

37Overseas Development Institute (EUC0023)

38Professor David Campbell (EUC0058)

39Prospect (Trade Union) (EUC0034)

40Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) (EUC0026)

41Ricardo Energy & Environment (EUC0019)

42RSPB (EUC0008)

43RWE UK (EUC0024)

44Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (EUC0050)

45ScottishPower (EUC0035)

46Shell International Petroleum Co Ltd (EUC0015)

47techUK (EUC0043)

48The Royal Society (EUC0005)

49The Scientific Alliance (EUC0001)

50The Scotch Whisky Association (EUC0014)

51The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (EUC0012)

52Tyndall Manchester, University of Manchester (EUC0036)

53UK Environmental Law Association (EUC0016)

54UK Petroleum Industry Association (EUC0011)

55UK Power Reserve (EUC0054)

56University of East Anglia (EUC0039)

57Vattenfall UK (EUC0055)

Leaving the EU: implications for UK energy policy inquiry HC 554

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

EUE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ADBA (EUE0053)

2AES UK & Ireland (EUE0065)

3Aldersgate Group (EUE0050)

4Aluminium Federation (EUE0019)

5AMDEA (EUE0004)

6Baxi (EUE0010)

7BEAMA (EUE0021)

8Biofuelwatch (EUE0058)

9British Ceramic Confederation (EUE0042)

10BRUFMA (EUE0045)

11Carbon Capture and Storage Association (EUE0064)

12Carbon Connect (EUE0005)

13Centre for Energy, Petroluem and Mineral Law and Policy (EUE0044)

14Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (EUE0040)

15Chatham House (EUE0016)

16Citizens Advice (EUE0032)

17Confederation of British Metalforming (EUE0047)

18Construction Products Association (EUE0069)

19CPL Industries (EUE0057)

20DONG Energy (EUE0051)

21Dr Feroze Duggan (EUE0009)

22E.ON UK (EUE0073)

23E3G (EUE0011)

24Ecotricity (EUE0071)

25EDF Energy (EUE0033)

26EEF, the Manufacturers Organisation and UK Steel (EUE0062)

27ELEXON Limited (EUE0014)

28Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUE0039)

29Energy Institute (EUE0063)

30Energy Intensive Users Group (EUE0036)

31Energy Networks Association (EUE0041)

32Energy Policy Group, University of Exeter (EUE0048)

33ENGIE (EUE0043)

34European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) (EUE0056)

35Gemserv (EUE0025)

36Greenpeace UK (EUE0070)

37Institution Of Mechanical Engineers (EUE0068)

38InterGen (EUE0049)

39International Air Transport Association (IATA) (EUE0037)

40Kingspan Insulation Ltd (EUE0046)

41Low Carbon (EUE0038)

42Major Energy Users Council (EUE0023)

43MIMA (Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers’ Association) (EUE0022)

44Mineral Products Association (EUE0027)

45Ms Susan Hedley (EUE0020)

46National Farmers’ Union (EUE0013)

47National Grid (EUE0079)

48Oil & Gas UK (EUE0075)

49Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) (EUE0059)

50RenewableUK (EUE0055)

51Ricardo Energy & Environment (EUE0035)

52Rolton Group Ltd (EUE0018)

53RSPB (EUE0076)

54School of Law, University of Reading (EUE0024)

55Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage (EUE0078)

56Scottish Renewables (EUE0052)

57ScottishPower (EUE0067)

58Storengy UK (EUE0028)

59Sustainable Energy Association (EUE0061)

60techUK (EUE0029)

61The Geological Society (EUE0054)

62The Global Warming Policy Forum (EUE0060)

63The Renewable Energy Association (REA) (EUE0066)

64The Scotch Whisky Association (EUE0017)

65UK Energy Research Centre (EUE0026)

66UK Environmental Law Association (EUE0077)

67UKOnshore oil and gas (UKOOG) (EUE0072)

68University of Sussex (EUE0034)

69Valero Energy Ltd (EUE0030)

70Vattenfall (EUE0074)

71VPI Immingham (EUE0012)

72Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd (EUE0015)

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