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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

SHI numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Adas UK Ltd (SHI0023)

2ADBA (SHI0043)

3Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (SHI0075)

4All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology (SHI0040)

5Anonymous Contaminated Land Officer (SHI0086)

6BASE-UK (SHI0054)

7British Ecological Society (SHI0058)

8British Geological Survey (SHI0036)

9British Society of Soil Science (SHI0030)

10Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (SHI0072)

11Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (SHI0091)

12CIWEM (SHI0015)

13CLA (SHI0039)

14Committeee on Climate Change (SHI0046)

15Compassion in World Farming (SHI0042)

16Correspondence between DEFRA and CIEH (SHI0087)

17Cranfield University (SHI0041)

18DEFRA (SHI0056)

19DEFRA (SHI0090)

20Dr Franciska de Vries (SHI0032)

21Dr Neil Humphries (SHI0034)

22Dr Neil Humphries (SHI0088)

23Dr Oliver Knox (SHI0006)

24Dr Tim Harrod (SHI0009)

25Dr. Arwyn Jones (SHI0076)

26Dr. Robert Evans (SHI0027)

27Durham University (SHI0081)

28Durham University (SHI0082)

29East Malling Research (SHI0057)

30Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (SHI0026)

31Heath Malcolm (SHI0080)

32Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast (SHI0064)

33James Hutton Institute (SHI0052)

34Jennifer Jeffes (SHI0028)

35Lancaster Environment Centre (SHI0014)

36Landscape Institute (SHI0045)

37Microbiology Society (SHI0074)

38Mr Ian Carr (SHI0001)

39Mr Robert Palmer (SHI0010)

40Mr Simon Cowell (SHI0059)

41Mr Stuart Norris (SHI0002)

42Mr. Steven Pye (SHI0016)

43Mrs. Susan Atkinson (SHI0008)

44National Farmer’s Union (SHI0044)

45National Trust (SHI0068)

46Nerc Soil Security Programme (SHI0048)

47Newcastle University (SHI0063)

48Newcastle University Student and Staff Soil Science Society (SHI0031)

49Novamont (SHI0083)

50Professor Chris Collins (SHI0085)

51Professor Chris Evans (SHI0079)

52Professor Jim Harris (SHI0084)

53Professor Lindsay Stringer (SHI0011)

54Professor Mark Hodson (SHI0003)

55Professor Mark Kibblewhite (SHI0012)

56Professor Paul Nathanail (SHI0092)

57Professor Richard Bardgett (SHI0049)

58Professor Rod Blackshaw (SHI0007)

59Promessa Soil (SHI0004)

60RCUK (SHI0053)

61Reading Agricultural Consultants Ltd (SHI0073)

62Rothamsted (SHI0018)

63Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) (SHI0022)

64Smart Growth UK (SHI0029)

65Soil Association (SHI0062)

66Soil First Farming (SHI0065)

67Soil Research Centre, University of Reading (SHI0077)

68STARS (SHI0055)

69Sue Everett (SHI0024)

70Sustainable Food Trust (SHI0078)

71The Geological Society (SHI0051)

72The Permaculture Association Britain (SHI0013)

73The University of Sheffield Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures (SHI0033)

74The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside (SHI0035)

75The Woodland Trust (SHI0038)

76University of Aberdeen (SHI0060)

77University of Roehampton (SHI0021)

78University of Sheffield (SHI0071)

79Wardell Armstrong LLP (SHI0069)

80Wildlife and Countryside Link (SHI0061)

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27 May 2016