Sustainability and HM Treasury Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

SAT numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ADEPT (SAT0060)

2Alan Neale (SAT0040)

3Aldersgate Group (SAT0030)

4Bond Beyond2015UK (SAT0015)

5Bristol City Council (SAT0045)

6British Woodworking Federation (SAT0025)

7Carbon Tracker Initiative (SAT0020)

8Centre for Energy Policy, University of Strathclyde (SAT0074)

9Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (SAT0039)

10Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (SAT0055)

11Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (SAT0029)

12Christian Aid (SAT0033)

13CIWEM (SAT0070)

14Community Energy England (SAT0008)

15Confederation of Paper Industries (SAT0048)

16Derby and South Derbyshire Friends of the Earth (SAT0068)

17DS Smith (SAT0057)

18EDF Energy (SAT0018)

19EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation (SAT0041)

20EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation (SAT0072)

21Environmental Services Association (SAT0001)

22Environmental Services Association (SAT0058)

23Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) (SAT0006)

24Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics (SAT0027)

25Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics (SAT0075)

26Greater London Authority (SAT0071)

27Green Alliance (SAT0064)

28Green House think-tank (SAT0013)

29Grundon Waste Management Ltd (SAT0043)

30Hampshire County Council (SAT0069)

31Historic England (SAT0004)

32HM Treasury (SAT0034)

33HM Treasury (SAT0076)

34Institution of Environmental Sciences (SAT0037)

35IREGG (SAT0028)

36John Pavitt (SAT0050)

37Joint Waste Disposal Authorities (SAT0047)

38Landscape Institute (SAT0031)

39Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (SAT0059)

40Local Government Association (SAT0061)

41London Councils (SAT0053)

42Mineral Products Association (SAT0022)

43Mineral Products Association (SAT0062)

44Mr Peter Jones (SAT0073)

45Mrs H. Gilbert (SAT0007)

46ODI (SAT0012)

47Professor Stuart Haszeldine (SAT0024)

48Professor Tim Jackson (SAT0026)

49Renewable Energy Association (SAT0035)

50Renewable Energy Systems Limited (SAT0036)

51RenewableUK (SAT0009)

52Resource Association (SAT0056)

53Scottish Renewables (SAT0017)

54Society for the Environment (SAT0011)

55Society for the Environment (SAT0042)

56South Tyne and Wear Waste Management Partnership (SAT0054)

57Sustrans (SAT0023)

58The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) (SAT0019)

59The Renewable Energy Association (SAT0052)

60Transition Evesham Vale (SAT0002)

61UKSIF (SAT0032)

62United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) (SAT0044)

63University of Exeter and University of East Anglia (SAT0010)

64Valpak Limited (SAT0049)

65Veolia (SAT0046)

66Vestas Celtic Wind Technology (SAT0016)

67Waste and Resources Action Programme (SAT0038)

68Waste Transition Ltd (SAT0051)

69Woodland Trust (SAT0014)

70WWF-UK (SAT0003)

71Zero Waste England (SAT0063)

16 November 2016