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The European Scrutiny Committee

The European Scrutiny Committee is appointed under Standing Order No. 143 to examine European Union documents.

Current membership

Sir William Cash MP (Conservative, Stone) (Chair)

Geraint Davies MP (Labour Co-op, Swansea West)

Richard Drax MP (Conservative, South Dorset)

Peter Grant MP (Scottish National Party, Glenrothes)

Rt Hon Damian Green MP (Conservative, Ashford)

Kate Hoey MP (Labour, Vauxhall)

Kelvin Hopkins MP (Labour, Luton North)

Calum Kerr MP (Scottish National Party, Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk)

Stephen Kinnock MP (Labour, Aberavon)

Craig Mackinlay MP (Conservative, South Thanet)

Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg MP (Conservative, North East Somerset)

Alec Shelbrooke MP (Conservative, Elmet and Rothwell)

Graham Stringer MP (Labour, Blackley and Broughton)

Kelly Tolhurst MP (Conservative, Rochester and Strood)

Mr Andrew Turner MP (Conservative, Isle of Wight)

Heather Wheeler MP (Conservative, South Derbyshire)


The Committee’s powers are set out in House of Commons Standing Order No 143. The scrutiny reserve resolution, passed by the House, provides that Ministers should not give agreement to EU proposals which have not been cleared by the European Scrutiny Committee, or on which, when they have been recommended by the Committee for debate, the House has not yet agreed a resolution. The scrutiny reserve resolution is printed with the House’s Standing Orders, which are available at


Committee reports are published on the Committee’s website at and in print by Order of the House.

Evidence relating to this report is published on the relevant
inquiry page of the Committee’s website.

Committee staff

The staff of the Committee are Eve Samson (Clerk), Terry Byrne (Clerk Adviser), Alistair Dillon (Clerk Advisor), Leigh Gibson (Clerk Adviser), David Griffiths (Clerk Adviser), Peter Harborne (Clerk Adviser), Sibel Tanner (Clerk Adviser), Arnold Ridout (Legal Adviser) (Counsel for European Legislation), Joanne Dee (Assistant Legal Adviser) (Assistant Counsel for European Legislation), Amelia Aspden (Second Clerk), Julie Evans (Senior Committee Assistant), Jane Bliss (Committee Assistant), Robert Dinsdale (Committee Assistant), Beatrice Woods (Committee Assistant), Ravi Abhayratne (Office Support Assistant), and Paula Saunderson (Office Support Assistant).


All correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk of the European Scrutiny Committee, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. The telephone number for general enquiries is 020 7219 3292; the Committee’s email address is

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