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Meeting Summary

Document for debate

1 HO Implementing the EU-Turkey agreement on migration

Annex: EU-Turkey Statement agreed on 18 March 2016

Documents not cleared

2 BIS European Accessibility Act

3 DCMS EU-US Data Transfers

4 DH Regulation of medical devices

5 DH Blood and Human Tissues Directives

6 DfT Working conditions for fishermen

7 FCO Framework Agreement between the EU and Australia

8 FCO Partnership Agreement between the EU and New Zealand

9 FCO An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic

10 FCO Ukraine: EU support for security sector reform

Annex: The Minister’s comparison of the current and proposed budget

11 HO Regulation of new psychoactive substances

12 HO Managing the refugee crisis: a further update

13 HO Control of firearms within the internal market

14 HO Managing the Schengen External Borders

Documents cleared

15 CO Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Government

16 BIS European Cloud Initiative

17 BIS Digitising European Industry

Annex: Detailed Estimated Investments for Digitising European Industry

18 DCMS Digital Single Market: ICT Standardisation priorities

19 DECC Inter-governmental agreement in the energy sector

20 DfID Forced Displacement and Development

21 DfT Inland navigation: professional qualifications

22 DfT International measures to reduce emissions from aviation

23 FCO Restrictive measures and Libya

24 FCO Restrictive measures against North Korea

25 HO A voluntary humanitarian admission scheme for Syrian refugees in Turkey

26 HO Implementation of the European Agenda on Migration

27 HO Information systems to enhance EU border management and security

Annex 1: Overview of improvments to current information systems and the Government’s view

Annex 2: Overviewof actions to develop new infromation systems to address infrormation gaps and the Government’s view

28 HO Implementing the Schengen roadmap

29 HO Establishing a roadmap for a Security Union

Annex: Key legislative and policy initiatives on security and counter-terrorism

30 HO Visa liberalisation for Ukraine

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

31 List of documents

Formal Minutes

Standing Order and membership

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