Documents considered by the Committee on 25 January 2017 Contents



Meeting Summary

Documents not cleared

1 BEIS Digital Single Market: Tackling unjustified geo-blocking

2 DfID New European Consensus on Development

3 DfIT Accession of Ecuador to the EU Trade Agreement with Columbia and Peru

4 HMRC Money laundering and terrorist financing: cash control

Documents cleared

5 DfID EU Partnership with African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries

6 FCO Supporting Security Sector Reform

7 FCO EU-Russia restrictive measures

8 HMT Financial services: occupational pension funds

9 HMT Financial services: requirements for a prospectus

Annex: Letter from Sir William Cash

10 HMT EU General Budget for 2017

Annex: EU General Budget as adopted for 2017

11 HMT VAT: books, newspapers and periodicals

12 ONS Statistics: territorial typologies

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

13 List of documents

Formal Minutes

Standing Order and membership

27 January 2017