The Government's negotiating objectives: the White Paper Contents


Terms of Reference


1 Introduction

2 Certainty and clarity

Objective 1: Providing certainty and clarity

The “Great Repeal Bill”

Vote on the final deal

Objective 2: Taking control of our own laws

Dispute resolution procedures

3 A stronger Britain

Objective 3: Strengthening the Union

The Government’s objectives and priorities of the devolved administrations

Legislative consent

The devolution settlements

Resources for the devolved administrations

Consultation with the devolved administrations


Objective 4: Protecting our strong historic ties with Ireland and maintaining the Common Travel Area

Economic ties

Movement of people

The peace process

4 A fairer Britain

Objective 5: Controlling immigration

Future immigration system and work permits

Objective 6: Securing rights for EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU

Objective 7: Protecting workers’ rights

5 A truly global Britain

Objective 8: Ensuring free trade with European markets

Leaving the Single Market

Negotiating a new Free Trade Agreement with the EU

Trade in services

A mutually beneficial new customs arrangement

Trading on WTO terms

Objective 9: Securing new trade agreements with other countries

‘Grandfathering’ EU FTAs

Objective 10: Ensuring the United Kingdom remains the best place for science and innovation

The international and collaborative nature of research

Flows of funding: Horizon


Objective 11: Cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism



The European Arrest Warrant and mutual recognition instruments

Common Foreign and Security Policy Cooperation

6 A phased approach

Objective 12: A phased approach

A potential exit payment

A ‘no deal’ scenario

Implementation phase

Annex 1: Note of meetings in Wolverhampton, 19 January

Annex 2: Note of meeting in Stoke-on-Trent, 19 January

Annex 3: Note of meetings in London, 26 January

Annex 4: Note of meetings in Boston, Lincolnshire, 2 February

Annex 5: Note of meetings in Truro, Cornwall, 9 February

Annex 6: Note of meetings in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, 23 February

Annex 7: Note of meeting in Swansea, 2 March

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

3 April 2017