The United Kingdom’s relations with Russia Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

RUS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A Political Risk Analyst (RUS0027)

2Alex Sinodov (RUS0019)

3Amnesty International UK (RUS0032)

4Anti-Corruption Foundation (RUS0025)

5Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (RUS0016)

6BBC (RUS0043)

7BBC World Service (RUS0034)

8British Council (RUS0014)

9Dr Patrick Xavier (RUS0001)

10Dr Rebecca Niblock (RUS0012)

11Dr Richard Connolly (RUS0010)

12Dr Valentina Feklyunina (RUS0030)

13Eastern Europe Studies Centre (RUS0036)

14Embassy of Georgia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (RUS0023)

15Embassy of Ukraine in the UK (RUS0021)

16Foreign and Commonwealth Office (RUS0011)

17Foreign and Commonwealth Office (RUS0044)

18Foreign and Commonwealth Office (RUS0046)

19Foreign and Commonwealth Office (RUS0047)

20GML Limited (RUS0004)

21Harm Reduction International (RUS0006)

22Hoffmann G Wattara (RUS0045)

23Human Rights Watch (RUS0005)

24Latvian Institute of International Affairs (RUS0026)

25Mikhail Khodorkovsky (RUS0013)

26Stephen Kinnock MP (RUS0020)

27Mr David Clark (RUS0035)

28Ms Mary Dejevsky (RUS0007)

29National Museum Directors’ Council (RUS0017)

30Oxford Research Group (RUS0024)

31RT (RUS0042)

32Russian Embassy (RUS0037)

33Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RUS0009)

34Scotland-Russia Forum (RUS0003)

35Sir Roderic Lyne (RUS0039)

36Sputnik UK (RUS0041)

37The Centre for European Reform (RUS0015)

38The Economist/CEPA (RUS0022)

39The Henry Jackson Society (RUS0018)

40The Scotland-Russia Forum (RUS0040)

41TheCityUK (RUS0031)

42William Browder (RUS0038)

28 February 2017