The UK’s relations with Turkey Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

TUR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Alliance for Shared Values and Dialogue Platform (TUR0035)

2Alliance for Shared Values and Dialogue Platform(TUR0041)

3Amnesty International UK (TUR0017)

4British Council (TUR0034)

5Campaign Against Arms Trade (TUR0018)

6Campaigner, Artist and Inventor Bob Goodall (TUR0020)

7Campaigner, Artist and Inventor Bob Goodall (TUR0025)

8Centre for Hizmet Studies (TUR0009)

9Dr Alan Greene (TUR0006)

10Dr Katerina Dalacoura (TUR0021)

11Dr Mina Toksoz (TUR0033)

12Dr Natalie Martin (TUR0016)

13Dr Patrick Xavier (TUR0001)

14Foreign and Commonwealth Office (TUR0010)

15Foreign and Commonwealth Office (TUR0042)

16Freedom from Torture (TUR0019)

17Lydia Sizer (TUR0024)

18Middle East Studies Association Committee on Academic Freedom (TUR0005)

19Mr Bill Park (TUR0032)

20National Union of Journalists (TUR0037)

21Osman Erturk (TUR0031)

22Overseas Development Institute (TUR0008)

23Peace in Kurdistan (TUR0013)

24Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) (TUR0036)

25Professor Tim Jacoby (TUR0002)

26Republican People’s Party (CHP) (TUR0038)

27TUC (TUR0015)

28Turkish Embassy in London (TUR0043)

29Turkish Embassy in London (TUR0012)

30Union of European Turkish Democrats, UETD (TUR0014)

31UNISON (TUR0022)

32William Hale (TUR0007)

23 March 2017