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Annex 1: Glossary of terms

Curtailment Not Pursued cases

Tier 4 (student) visa cases which Immigration Enforcement has chosen not to pursue because either the student’s leave has already expired or the student has fewer than 60 days leave remaining at the time of the curtailment consideration and the Home Office expects these individuals either to have returned home or to have extended their leave in another category.

Foreign National Offenders

Citizens of other states who have committed offences. They may be in prison or released into the community, having served their sentences.

Migration Refusal Pool

This Pool contains any application for temporary or permanent migration which UKVI has refused, or in which leave to remain has expired. It excludes asylum cases.

Older Live Cases

Legacy asylum cases (now dealt with by the Older Live Cases Unit (OCLU) and previously dealt with by the Case Assurance and Audit Unit (CAAU)).

Rule 35 Report cases

Rule 35 reports are made to the Home Office by medical practitioners in respect of any immigration detainee whose health is likely to be injuriously affected by detention, and any detainee they are concerned may be a victim of torture. Rule 35 reports can lead to release from detention.

Voluntary Removal Service

Immigration Enforcement’s Voluntary Removal Service facilitates removals from the UK for people who may be in the UK illegally and who wish to find a way back to their country of birth. It offers consultations in informal settings where people can seek advice without fear of formal action, such as arrest, being taken.

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25 July 2016