Migration Crisis Contents


Terms of Reference

Key Facts

1 Introduction

Rapid growth in numbers of refugees and migrants

The EU and UK responses

Our inquiry and this report

2 Calais and the Channel ports

Juxtaposed border controls

Increased attempts to cross the Channel in summer 2015

Steps to tackle illegal migrants crossing the Channel

Coastal security

3 Numbers and origin of refugees and migrants

Refugees and asylum seekers

Migration routes through the Mediterranean

4 Addressing the causes of mass migration

Support to source countries

Resettlement of Syrian refugees

Costs of asylum provision

Safe and legal routes into Europe

5 Protecting the EU’s external and maritime borders

Migrant smuggling

Frontex—the EU border agency

Mediterranean crossings: search and rescue

Tackling migrant smuggling across sea borders

6 Processing and treatment of migrants

Dublin regulations



Relocation from EU countries of arrival



Increasing security at EU borders

EU border security and terrorist attacks

7 The EU Agreement with Turkey

8 Protecting vulnerable groups

Women and children

Missing child migrants

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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