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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

MIG numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Doctors of the World UK (MIG0060)

2J W Pilgrim Associates (MIG0038)

3Amnesty International UK (MIG0062)

4British Red Cross (MIG0051)

5Bryan Crick (MIG0016)

6Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol (MIG0046)

7Charlbury Refugee Action Group (MIG0045)

8CitizensUK (MIG0040)

9Colin Laidler (MIG0015)

10Dr Thom Davies, Dr Arshad Isakjee and Dr Surindar Dhesi (MIG0033)

11Dr Vicki Squire et al (MIG0050)

12Elsie Luna (MIG0042)

13Freedom from Torture (MIG0052)

14Glenys Newton (MIG0029)

15Heather Luna (MIG0043)

16Home Office (MIG0067)

17Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (MIG0047)

18International Organization for Migration (MIG0061)

19International Rescue Committee UK (MIG0064)

20Jordan Roberts (MIG0010)

21Lauren Yallop (MIG0030)

22Lawyers’ Refugee Initiative (MIG0041)

23Lulu Ashton (MIG0019)

24Mapping Immigration Controversy Research Project Team, University of Warwick (MIG0036)

25Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum (MIG0053)

26Miss Chloe le Fay (MIG0032)

27Miss Joanna Nicholls (MIG0013)

28Mr Alistair H G Allcroft (MIG0011)

29Mr Andrew White (MIG0031)

30Mr Christian Taylor (MIG0007)

31Mr Derek Hill (MIG0023)

32Mr Michael Tucker (MIG0024)

33Mr Nicholas Jewitt (MIG0057)

34Mr Randolph Martin (MIG0014)

35Mr Richard Smith (MIG0025)

36Mr Robert Oats (MIG0006)

37Mr Michael West (MIG0009)

38Mrs Anne Wroxley (MIG0049)

39Mrs Christine Fletcher (MIG0017)

40Mrs Clare Ann Moseley (MIG0048)

41Mrs Janice Evans (MIG0022)

42Mrs Joyce Mussett (MIG0003)

43Mrs Lynne Sawford (MIG0021)

44Mrs Marie Silbourne (MIG0018)

45Mrs Lesley Hill (MIG0012)

46Ms Gilly Dobson (MIG0005)

47Premier Christian Radio (MIG0066)

48Refugee Council (MIG0058)

49Rt Hon John Hayes MP, Minister of State for Security (MIG0068)

50Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary (MIG0026)

51Save the Children (MIG0059)

52Unicef UK (MIG0039)

53Valerie Jenner (MIG0027)

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28 July 2016