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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

PRO numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Action for Trans Health (PRO0165)

2Agenda (PRO0130)

3Alba Tomasula y Garcia (PRO0124)

4Amanda Sebestyen (PRO0005)

5Amy Vergnés (PRO0038)

6Andrew Boff (PRO0239)

7APPG on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade (PRO0158)

8Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Holland, National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Prostitution and Sex Work (PRO0243)

9Backlash UK (PRO0079)

10Becky E Frankham & Robb M Montgomery (PRO0094)

11Belfast Feminist Network (PRO0180)

12Beyond the Streets (PRO0177)

13Bridie Sweetman Sweetman (PRO0069)

14Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking (PRO0179)

15CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) (PRO0078)

16Carla Martinez (PRO0140)

17Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol (PRO0053)

18Charlotte Rose (PRO0222)

19Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (PRO0166)

20Chris Atchison (PRO0066)

21CJ (PRO0157)

22Claire de Than (PRO0202)

23Clarissa Duckworth (PRO0139)

24Commission on the Sex Buyer Law (PRO0071)

25Commonweal Housing (PRO0035)

26Community Safety Glasgow (PRO0233)

27Crystal (PRO0073)

28Daniel Harvey (PRO0193)

29Darryl Perry (PRO0105)

30David Clarke (PRO0167)

31Deirdre O’Reilly (PRO0028)

32Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon (PRO0120)

33Dr Brooke Magnanti (PRO0092)

34Dr Jay Ginn (PRO0002)

35Dr Jay Levy (PRO0245)

36Dr Jessica Baily (PRO0183)

37Dr Jessica Elliott (PRO0218)

38Dr Jonathan Mendel and Dr Kiril Sharapov (PRO0159)

39Dr Julia Long (PRO0088)

40Dr Kenneth Harpur-Lewis (PRO0032)

41Dr Mary Laing (PRO0126)

42Dr Olivia Smith (PRO0090)

43Dr Robert Shields (PRO0006)

44Dr Ruth McStay (PRO0027)

45Dr Ruth Van Dyke (PRO0089)

46Dr Sarah Kingston & Terry Thomas Emeritus Professor (PRO0148)

47Dr Selby Whittingham (PRO0048)

48East London Strippers Collective (PRO0188)

49Elana Cunningham (PRO0137)

50Elim Pentecostal Churches (PRO0168)

51Ella Parsons (PRO0241)

52End Demand (PRO0070)

53End Demand supplementary (PRO0249)

54End Violence Against Women Coalition (PRO0156)

55English Collective of Prostitutes (PRO0172)

56Equality Now (PRO0189)

57Esther Allen (PRO0059)

58European Women’s Lobby (PRO0075)

59Eva Klambauer (PRO0214)

60Feminists For Solidarity Sweden (PRO0103)

61Frankie Mullin (PRO0144)

62Gaye Dalton (PRO0018)

63Gender and Law class on LLB Law degree at University of the West of England (PRO0155)

64Giles Beaumont (PRO0049)

65Giorgio Giandomenici (PRO0055)

66Groundlevel Churches UK (PRO0046)

67Hannah Swanson (PRO0101)

68Home Office (PRO0236)

69Institute of Our Lady of Mercy (PRO0181)

70International Policing and Justice Institute (PRO0163)

71JBS-R Associates (PRO0065)

72Jill Thomas (PRO0201)

73Joel Hellewell (PRO0114)

74Joseph Giacopazzi (PRO0109)

75KairosWWT (PRO0110)

76Kate Wright (PRO0016)

77Kitty Rocca (PRO0135)

78Labour Representation Committee National Committee (PRO0141)

79Laura Lee (PRO0107)

80Leonard Fahrni (PRO0235)

81Lila Rose (PRO0121)

82London Borough of Hounslow (PRO0190)

83London Young Labour (PRO0098)

84Lucy O’Connor (PRO0100)

85Manchester Feminist Network (PRO0145)

86Mark Newbold (PRO0022)

87Marnie Evans (PRO0134)

88Martin Seager (PRO0021)

89Matthew Stocks (PRO0174)

90Max Gentle (PRO0216)

91Member of the European Parliament Mary Honeyball (PRO0162)

92Miss E (PRO0036)

93Miss Raven Bowen (PRO0043)

94Mr Alan Caton (PRO0007)

95Mr Andrew Weller (PRO0026)

96Mr Charles Tilbury (PRO0047)

97Mr Chris Roper (PRO0123)

98Mr Graham Marsden (PRO0040)

99Mr Hugh Palmer (PRO0052)

100Mr M (PRO0240)

101Mr Rob Tyson (PRO0072)

102Mr Robert Macrae (PRO0187)

103Mr Simon Penhaligon (PRO0039)

104Mr Steve Elrond (PRO0113)

105Mr Steve(n) Moxon (PRO0129)

106Mr Thomas French (PRO0085)

107Mrs Chris Thorogood (PRO0009)

108Mrs Emma Boucher (PRO0221)

109Mrs Susie Marriott (PRO0011)

110Ms Anna Fisher (PRO0074)

111Ms Charlotte Cane (PRO0104)

112Ms Diane Martin CBE (PRO0154)

113Ms Esther Owen (PRO0173)

114Ms Harriet Wistrich (PRO0225)

115Ms Helen Saxby (PRO0149)

116Ms Karen Pollock (PRO0051)

117Ms Mia de Faoite (PRO0160)

118Ms N (PRO0083)

119Ms Pandora Blake (PRO0111)

120Ms Ruth Appleton (PRO0014)

121Ms Stephanie Davies-Arai (PRO0077)

122NAT (National AIDS Trust) (PRO0153)

123National Alliance of Women’s Organisations (PRO0197)

124National Board of Catholic Women (PRO0191)

125National Ugly Mugs (PRO0082)

126National Ugly Mugs supplementary (PRO0244)

127National Union of Students (PRO0150)

128New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective (PRO0223)

129Nia (PRO0204)

130Nick Batley (PRO0087)

131Nicole Petrovia (PRO0133)

132Nina de Paula Hanika (PRO0102)

133Nordic Model Australia Coalition (PRO0198)

134Nordic Model Information Network (PRO0143)

135Nottinghamshire Police (PRO0116)

136One25 (PRO0056)

137Outsiders Trust (PRO0023)

138P Frizelle (PRO0012)

139Parentpower (PRO0031)

140Payday (PRO0230)

141Penny Lane (PRO0131)

142Permanently Visible Productions (PRO0029)

143Prison Reform Trust (PRO0208)

144Professor Jackie Jones (PRO0196)

145Professor Nicola Mai (PRO0138)

146Professor Peter Shirlow, Dr Susann Huschke, Dr Eilis Ward and Dr Dirk Schubotz (PRO0212)

147Professor Philip Hubbard (PRO0019)

148Professor Ramsay Burt (PRO0099)

149Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz, Keele University, School of Law (PRO0086)

150Rachel Stuart (PRO0067)

151Rape Crisis South London/Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (PRO0119)

152Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (PRO0178)

153Resist Porn Culture (PRO0041)

154Rev Alan Donald (PRO0033)

155Ricardo London (PRO0117)

156Rooms of our Own (PRO0115)

157Ruhama (PRO0020)

158Rural Rainbow (PRO0076)

159Sarah Solemani (PRO0170)

160SAY Women (PRO0210)

161Scarlet Alliance (PRO0122)

162SCOT-PEP (PRO0176)

163Scottish Soroptimists (PRO0034)

164Sex Work Research hub (PRO0030)

165Sex Worker Open University (PRO0147)

166Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (PRO0203)

167Sofia Helgadottir (PRO0185)

168Sophia Manet (PRO0093)

169SPACE International (PRO0128)

170St Mungo’s (PRO0171)

171Susan Smith (PRO0042)

172Susie Johnson (PRO0142)

173Sussex Centre for Gender Studies (PRO0125)

174The Children’s Society (PRO0237)

175The Fawcett Society (PRO0213)

176The Howard League for Penal Reform (PRO0057)

177The Immigrant Council of Ireland (PRO0192)

178The International Union of Sex Workers (PRO0151)

179The Josephine Butler Society (PRO0013)

180The Judith Trust (PRO0219)

181The Men’s Development Network (PRO0200)

182The Salvation Army (PRO0050)

183The Women’s Equality Party (PRO0095)

184Tim Barnett (PRO0127)

185Trust Women’s Project (PRO0207)

186UK Programme Action Committee of Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (PRO0084)

187UNISON (PRO0045)

188Vera Baird QC, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria (PRO0227)

189Wales Assembly of Women (PRO0195)

190Welsh Women’s Aid (PRO0081)

191West Yorkshire Police (PRO0228)

192Women Against Rape (PRO0132)

193Women Analysing Policy on Women (PRO0194)

194Women at the Well (PRO0169)

195Women’s Association (University of Birmingham) (PRO0182)

196Women’s Support Project (PRO0232)

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16 June 2016