Hate crime: abuse, hate and extremism online Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

HCR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Adrian Hart (HCR0036)

2Age UK (HCR0050)

3All Party Parliamentary Group for Gypsies, Travellers and Roma (HCR0026)

4APPG Against Antisemitism and The PCAA Foundation (HCR0106)

5Barnabas Fund (HCR0078)

6Bournemouth University and Bournemouth Borough Council (HCR0024)

7Bradford Hate Crime Alliance (HCR0053)

8Bridge Institute (HCR0064)

9British Pakistani Christian Association (HCR0095)

10British Pakistani Christian Association supplementary (HCR0111)

11Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-fascist Studies (HCR0003)

12Centre for Hate Studies, University of Leicester (HCR0070)

13Centre for the Study and Reduction of Hate Crimes, Bias and Prejudice, Nottingham Trent University (HCR0049)

14Changing Faces (HCR0065)

15Citizens UK/Nottingham Citizens (HCR0083)

16Community Security Trust (CST) (HCR0017)

17Consultative Panel on Parliamentary Security (HCR0103)

18Consultative Panel on Parliamentary Security supplementary (HCR0110)

19Council of Somali Organisations and the Anti-Tribalism Movement (HCR0028)

20Countryside Alliance (HCR0104)

21Crown Prosecution Service (HCR0006)

22CSAN (Caritas Social Action Network) (HCR0025)

23Department for Communities and Local Government (HCR0086)

24Dimensions (HCR0073)

25Dimensions UK (HCR0107)

26Disability Hate Crime Network (HCR0014)

27Disability Rights UK (HCR0055)

28Diverse Cymru (HCR0051)

29Dorset Race Equality Council (HCR0009)

30Dr Abenaa Owusu-Bempah (HCR0035)

31Dr Imran Awan (HCR0019)

32Dr Imran Awan (HCR0076)

33Dr Mark Walters (HCR0022)

34Dr Nafeez Ahmed (HCR0081)

35Dr Shobha Das (HCR0030)

36Equality and Human Rights Commission (HCR0072)

37Friends, Families and Travellers (HCR0002)

38Galop (HCR0029)

39Google supplementary (HCR0109)

40Gypsy and Traveller Empowerment Herts (HCR0044)

41HEAR Network (HCR0047)

42Home Office (HCR0052)

43Home Office and the Solicitor General supplementary (HCR0108)

44Inclusion London (HCR0013)

45Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex (HCR0090)

46Institute of Race Relations (HCR0046)

47Isle of Wight Philosophy Group (HCR0060)

48Kingston Race and Equalities Council (HCR0071)

49Law Commission of England and Wales (HCR0021)

50Leonard Cheshire Disability (HCR0037)

51London Gypsy and Traveller Unit (HCR0010)

52Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (HCR0069)

53MEND (HCR0087)

54MEND supplementary (HCR0093)

55Migrants’ Rights Network & UK Race and Europe Network (HCR0031)

56Miss Valentina Governi (HCR0005)

57Mr Andrew Garcarz (HCR0075)

58Mr Naveed Akbar (HCR0007)

59Ms Chara Bakalis (HCR0077)

60Muslim Council of Britain (HCR0068)

61Muslim Council of Britain supplementary (HCR0099)

62National Police Chiefs’ Council (HCR0059)

63National Police Chiefs’ Council (HCR0085)

64Network of Sikh Organisations (HCR0096)

65North East Race Crime and Justice Regional Network (HCR0062)

66People First (Self Advocacy) (HCR0048)

67Professor David Miller, Dr Narzanin Massoumi and Dr Tom Mills (HCR0091)

68Professor Thom Brooks (HCR0001)

69Race Equality Foundation (HCR0066)

70Race Equality Matters (HCR0067)

71Race on the Agenda (HCR0056)

72Regional Refugee Forum North East (HCR0033)

73René Cassin (HCR0018)

74Restorative Justice Council (HCR0042)

75Sara Ross (HCR0097)

76Social Causality Research Centre (HCR0080)

77Social Data Science Lab, Cardiff University (HCR0032)

78Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI) (HCR0016)

79Stonewall (HCR0063)

80Stop Hate UK (HCR0020)

81Sussex Hate Crime Project (HCR0040)

82Tell MAMA UK (HCR0057)

83Tell MAMA UK (HCR0101)

84The Board of Deputies of British Jews (HCR0054)

85The Board of Deputies of British Jews supplementary (HCR0098)

86The Fawcett Society (HCR0102)

87The IARS International Institute (HCR0008)

88The Magistrates’ Association (HCR0039)

89The National LGB&T Partnership (HCR0027)

90The Police Foundation (HCR0041)

91The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace (HCR0012)

92The Traveller Movement (HCR0023)

93Traditional Britain Group (HCR0100)

94Vera Baird QC, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria (HCR0043)

95Victim Support (HCR0015)

96West Sussex County Council (HCR0079)

97Witness Confident (HCR0038)

98Zachary Newman (HCR0034)

27 April 2017