Suicide prevention Contents


167.We are hugely concerned about the current rate of suicide but we are encouraged that evidence to our inquiry has suggested that suicide is preventable. In order to achieve a reduction in the number of deaths by suicide, the Government must take tangible action and ensure effective implementation of the strategy.

168.We are grateful that the Ministerial Foreword to the third progress report on the strategy recognised our inquiry and our initial recommendations. However, despite the progress report asserting that it “addresses many of those recommendations”,126 it is disappointing that so few of our recommendations have been adopted, and in particular that certain specific proposals to tackle issues that the strategy itself acknowledges were not accepted.

169.We look forward to receiving the Government response to this report. In particular, we await the details of the Government’s implementation plan for the strategy. We will continue to examine the progress made on the Government’s suicide prevention strategy. We intend to hold a follow-up hearing after there has been opportunity for the Government and other relevant stakeholders to implement the measures set out in the latest progress report. We urge the Government to take forward the recommendations we make in this report.