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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

PHP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A Local Authority (PHP0102)

2ABPI Vaccine Group (PHP0025)

3Action Cerebral Palsy (PHP0015)

4Action on Hearing Loss (PHP0080)

5Action on Smoking and Health & Cancer Research UK (PHP0077)

6Adam Chaffer (PHP0133)

7ADASS (PHP0091)

8Advisory Group on Contraception (PHP0063)

9Alzheimer’s Society (PHP0095)

10APPG on Sexual and Reproductive Health (PHP0005)

11APPG on Smoking and Health (PHP0108)

12Arthritis Research UK (PHP0086)

13Bath & North East Somerset Council (PHP0128)

14Bayer (PHP0094)

15Breastfeeding Network (BfN) and the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers (ABM) (PHP0109)

16British Acupuncture Council (PHP0002)

17British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (PHP0082)

18British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (PHP0119)

19British Dietetic Association (PHP0030)

20British HIV Association (BHIVA) (PHP0081)

21British Medical Association (PHP0023)

22British Pregnancy Advisory Service (PHP0026)

23British Society for Immunology (PHP0010)

24Collective Voice (PHP0046)

25Collective Voice (PHP0113)

26County Councils Network (PHP0090)

27Coventry City Council (PHP0136)

28Coventry City Council (PHP0137)

29Debbie Holroyd (PHP0122)

30Department of Health (PHP0068)

31Devon County Council (PHP0107)

32Dr Alison Forrester (PHP0071)

33Dr Alison Furey (PHP0096)

34Dr Alison Furey (PHP0120)

35Dr Andrew Howe (PHP0103)

36Dr Hilary Pickles (PHP0110)

37Dr Jeremy Wight (PHP0039)

38Dr Jonathan Howell (PHP0070)

39Dr Mark Lim (PHP0092)

40Dr Phil Ayres (PHP0117)

41Dr Rachel Joyce (PHP0006)

42Dr Ruth Speare (PHP0036)

43Dr Ruth Speare (PHP0116)

44Dr Wikum Jayatunga (PHP0004)

45Dr Bruce Laurence (PHP0009)

46Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (PHP0032)

47Fit for Work UK Coalition (PHP0101)

48FPA (PHP0011)

49Greater London Authority (PHP0037)

50Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (PHP0130)

51Hampshire Breastfeeding Counselling (PHP0112)

52Health Education England (PHP0018)

53Health Foundation (PHP0100)

54Health Statistics User Group (PHP0040)

55Institute for Government (PHP0013)

56Institute of Alcohol Studies (PHP0048)

57Kate Eveleigh (PHP0123)

58Local Government Association (PHP0054)

59London Councils (PHP0052)

60London School of Economics and Political Science (PHP0003)

61Medconfidential (PHP0008)

62Mental Health Foundation (PHP0087)

63Mind (PHP0020)

64Mr Greg Fell (PHP0053)

65Mr Phillip Woodward (PHP0038)

66Mrs Glenda Augustine (PHP0075)

67Ms Julie Hotchkiss (PHP0012)

68Ms Kate Eveleigh (PHP0028)

69NAT (National Aids Trust) (PHP0083)

70National Childbirth Trust (PHP0115)

71National Children’s Bureau (PHP0050)

72National Deaf Children’s Society (PHP0129)

73National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (PHP0076)

74Newcastle City Council (PHP0105)

75NHS Clinical Commissioners (PHP0084)

76NHS Confederation (PHP0059)

77NHS England Specialised Commissioning (PHP0126)

78NHS Providers (PHP0073)

79Oxfordshire Baby Friendly Alliance (PHP0111)

80Paediatric Continence Forum (PHP0016)

81Pharmacy Voice (PHP0060)

82Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PHP0019)

83Professor Jonathan Nicholl (PHP0047)

84Professor Kate Ardern (PHP0124)

85Professor Kate Ardern (PHP0131)

86Professor Kate Ardern (PHP0134)

87Professor Kate Ardern (PHP0135)

88Provider Public Health Network (PHP0118)

89Provider Public Health Network (PHP0056)

90Public Health Action Support Team (PHP0055)

91Public Health England (PHP0132)

92Public Health England (PHP0099)

93Public Health Provider Network (PHP0125)

94Public Health Specialty Registrars (PHP0057)

95Public Health System Group (PHP0065)

96Public Health Wolverhampton (PHP0098)

97Richmond Group of Charities (PHP0021)

98Royal College of Midwives (RCM) (PHP0029)

99Royal College of Nursing (PHP0017)

100Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health & the British Association of Child and Adolescent Public Health (PHP0079)

101Royal College of Physicians (PHP0064)

102Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (PHP0045)

103Royal College of Psychiatrists (PHP0093)

104Royal Society for Public Health (PHP0024)

105Samaritans (PHP0088)

106School And Nursery Milk Alliance (PHP0014)

107Shropshire Council (PHP0049)

108SOLACE (PHP0041)

109SOLACE (PHP0104)

110Somerset Council (PHP0127)

111Stockport MBC (PHP0058)

112TCPA (PHP0031)

113Terrence Higgins Trust (PHP0035)

114Terrence Higgins Trust (PHP0121)

115The Association of Directors of Public Health (PHP0043)

116The Hepatitis C Coalition (PHP0042)

117The Hepatitis C Trust (PHP0062)

118The King’s Fund (PHP0061)

119The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) (PHP0074)

120UCL Institute of Health Equity (PHP0106)

121UK Faculty of Public Health (PHP0066)

122UK Faculty of Public Health (PHP0067)

123UK Health Forum (PHP0051)

124UK Public Health Register (PHP0007)

125Unite The Union (PHP0097)

126University of Kent (PHP0022)

127Weight Watchers UK Ltd (PHP0027)

128Wolverhampton Council (PHP0114)

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