Children and young people’s mental health — the role of education Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

CMH numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A primary school – written evidence (CMH0099)

2A Quiet Place (CMH0048)

3Adrian Stott (CMH0002)

4All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse (CMH0065)

5Alliance for Learning (CMH0072)

6Amanda Chadwick (CMH0240)

7Anderton Primary School (CMH0006)

8Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (CMH0126)

9Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CMH0197)

10Association of Colleges (CMH0164)

11Association of Directors of Public Health (CMH0109)

12Association of School and College Leaders (CMH0073)

13ATL (CMH0067)

14Barnardo’s (CMH0198)

15Baroness Tyler (CMH0234)

16Beat (CMH0200)

17Bedford Borough Council (CMH0015)

18Bedfordshire CCG (CMH0088)

19Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CMH0215)

20Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School (CMH0052)

21Birmingham Education Partnership (CMH0141)

22Bournemouth University (CMH0195)

23Bradford District Care NHS Foundation (CMH0177)

24British Autism Advocate(s) (CMH0026)

25Carers Trust (CMH0108)

26CASE (Campaign for State Education) (CMH0102)

27Catch22 (CMH0121)

28Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CMH0233)

29Centre for Mental Health (CMH0136)

30CEP Child Wellbeing Group (CMH0069)

31Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CMH0134)

32Childhood Bereavement Network (CMH0151)

33Children & Young People’s Mental Health Coalition (CMH0096)

34Children’s Commissioner’s Office (CMH0061)

35City of York Council (CMH0161)

36CLIC Sargent (CMH0115)

37Coram Life Education (CMH0076)

38Cornwall Council (CMH0222)

39Craig Parr (CMH0064)

40Cumbria Multi-agency CYP Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Partnership (CMH0160)

41Department for Education and Department of Health (CMH0219)

42Derby City Educational Psychology Service (CMH0038)

43Dr Barbara Rishworth (CMH0232)

44Dr Charles Holme (CMH0218)

45Dr Dusana Dorjee (CMH0221)

46Dr Fiona McBryde (CMH0139)

47Dr Frank O’Kelly (CMH0238)

48Dr Michelle O’Reilly (CMH0098)

49Dr Nick Durbin (CMH0230)

50Dr Rachel Wood (CMH0095)

51Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah (CMH0094)

52Dr Simon Gibbs (CMH0031)

53Dr Tania Hart (CMH0097)

54Durham County Council (CMH0059)

55Education Policy Institute (CMH0122)

56Education Support Partnership (CMH0132)

57ELSA Network (CMH0001)

58End Violence Against Women Coalition (CMH0124)


60Equilibrium and Enablement (eQe) Ltd (CMH0182)

61ES Teachers (CMH0082)

62Essex County Council (CMH0075)

63Exeter College (CMH0201)

64F.E.A.S.T. (CMH0039)

65Faculty of Public Health (CMH0120)

66Fair Ways (CMH0053)

67Family Links (CMH0043)

68Girlguiding (CMH0172)

69GL Assessment (CMH0176)

70Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CMH0220)

71Halton Borough Council (CMH0103)

72Healthwatch Cambridgeshire (CMH0050)

73Healthy Minds Management Group (CMH0051)

74Herefordshire council (CMH0046)

75Herts Valleys CCG and East and North Herts CCG (CMH0143)

76How to Thrive (CMH0128)

77If U Care Share Foundation (CMH0207)

78Illuminate Education (CMH0024)

79Independent Schools Council (CMH0173)

80Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex (CMH0111)

81IPPR (CMH0192)

82Isobel Urquhart (CMH0209)

83Jill Mc William & Stephen Blunden (CMH0239)

84Kate Fallon (CMH0241)

85Kathleen Richardson (CMH0079)

86Lady Iveta Kurpniece (CMH0013)

87Lancashire County Council (CMH0184)

88Leicester City CCG (CMH0085)

89Leicestershire County Council (CMH0092)

90Lifespace Trust (CMH0060)

91London Borough of Newham (CMH0084)

92Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester (CMH0057)

93Mental Health First Aid England (CMH0081)

94Mental Health Foundation (CMH0055)

95Mind. World Ltd (CMH0017)

96Miss Maria Liviero (CMH0020)

97Morecambe Bay Community Primary School (CMH0045)

98Movement to Work (CMH0224)

99Mr Andrew Ramtohul (CMH0174)

100Mr Dave Traxson (CMH0041)

101Mr John Phillips (CMH0014)

102Mr Joseph Krasinski (CMH0194)

103Mr Lucas Shelemy (CMH0131)

104Mr Michael Brooks (CMH0019)

105Mr Mike Simons (CMH0188)

106Mr Richard Bagnall-Oakeley (CMH0044)

107Mr Robin Marsden (CMH0205)

108Mrs Ann Ricketts (CMH0190)

109Mrs Annette Hargreaves (CMH0145)

110Mrs Clare McCarron (CMH0035)

111Mrs Jean Gross, CBE (CMH0033)

112Mrs Judith Jerwood (CMH0037)

113Mrs Margaret Woodward (CMH0169)

114Mrs Rachel Mulcahy (CMH0011)

115Mrs Ruth Israel (CMH0028)

116Mrs Sarah Griffiths (CMH0135)

117Mrs Susan Fielden (CMH0107)

118Ms Alison Critchley (CMH0191)

119Ms Sarah Lepley (CMH0047)

120Ms Susan Mennear (CMH0010)

121NAHT (CMH0068)

122NASS (National Association of Independent Schools and Non-Maintained Special Schools) (CMH0167)

123National Association for Therapeutic Education (CMH0005)

124National Association of Principal Educational Psychologists (CMH0091)

125National Children’s Bureau (NCB) (CMH0193)

126National Counselling Society (CMH0077)

127National Governors’ Association (CMH0171)

128National Network of Parent Carer Forums (CMH0070)

129National Union of Students (CMH0113)

130National Union of Teachers (CMH0168)

131Natspec (CMH0093)

132Network Rail (CMH0159)

133Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0227)

134Norfolk County Council (CMH0056)

135Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust (CMH0042)

136NSPCC (CMH0216)

137Nurture Group Network (CMH0087)

138Oxleas NHS Foundation trust (CMH0104)

139PAPYRUS - prevention of young suicide (CMH0162)

140Partnership for Children (CMH0080)

141Peacemakers (CMH0083)

142Perfect English Jeff Wood (CMH0032)

143Place2Be (CMH0146)

144Planet Autism (CMH0208)

145Portsmouth City Council (CMH0066)

146Priory Group (CMH0178)

147Professor Andrew Murray (CMH0114)

148PSHE Association (CMH0138)

149Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (CMH0150)

150Public Health England (CMH0226)

151Randstad Student & Worker Support (CMH0153)

152Rathbone Training (CMH0157)

153Red Balloon Learner Centre Group (CMH0149)

154Relate (CMH0078)

155Rescue our Schools (CMH0137)

156Royal College of General Practitioners (CMH0223)

157Royal College of Nursing (CMH0116)

158Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (CMH0112)

159Royal College of Psychiatrists (CMH0130)

160Rt Hon Norman Lamb (CMH0012)

161Samaritans (CMH0186)

162Sandwell MBC (Inclusion Support) (CMH0214)

163SCHOOLS NorthEast (CMH0199)

164Seven Sisters Primary School (CMH0225)

165Sheffield CCG, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0125)

166Southampton City Council (CMH0165)

167Staffordshire County Council (CMH0152)

168Step Up To Serve (CMH0156)

169Suffolk County Council (CMH0089)

170Suffolk Health Scrutiny Committee (CMH0155)

171Summary of Unpublished Evidence (CMH)

172Surrey County Council (CMH0142)

173Tameside and Glossop CCG (CMH0203)

174Tavistock and Portman NHS FT (CMH0170)

175Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust (CMH0158)

176Tavistock Relationships (CMH0071)

177Team Mental Health (CMH0236)

178Terrence Higgins Trust (CMH0133)

179TES (CMH0243)

180The Art Room (CMH0163)

181The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) (CMH0204)

182The Association of Educational Psychologists (CMH0187)

183The Bridge Foundation (CMH0029)

184The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (CMH0148)

185The British Psychological Society (CMH0210)

186The British Youth Council (CMH0231)

187The Caspari Foundation (CMH0036)

188The Centre for Social Justice (CMH0110)

189The Children’s Society (CMH0166)

190The Communication Trust (CMH0090)

191The Manchester College (CMH0175)

192The Matthew Elvidge Trust (CMH0129)

193The MindEd Trust (CMH0179)

194The Prince’s Trust (CMH0127)

195The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (CMH0118)

196The School and Family Works (CMH0183)

197The Scout Association (CMH0185)

198Tutor/Teacher Wilmina Iglesias Miss Wilmina (CMH0007)

199ukactive (CMH0228)

200University of Bedfordshire (CMH0049)

201University of Bristol (CMH0117)

202University of Glasgow (CMH0202)

203University of Hertfordshire (CMH0054)

204University of West London (CMH0100)

205Wales High School (CMH0154)

206What About The Children? (CMH0189)

207Wonder Foundation (CMH0235)

208Worrinots (CMH0022)

209Worth-it (CMH0101)

210YMCA England (CMH0144)

211YoungMinds (CMH0212)

212YoungMinds (CMH0213)

213YoungMinds (CMH0242)

214Youth Connexions Hertfordshire (CMH0211)

215Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (CMH0180)

216Youth Sport Trust (CMH0119)

28 April 2017