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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

RJU numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Association of Convenience Stores (RJU0025)

2Association of Panel Members (RJU0030)

3Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (RJU0028)

4Association of YOT Managers Ltd (RJU0038)

5Avon and Somerset Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (RJU0010)

6Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner and Restorative Cleveland (RJU0033)

7Communities Empowerment Network (RJU0002)

8Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Youth Offending Service (RJU0043)

9Criminal Justice Alliance (RJU0021)

10Crown Prosecution Service (RJU0048)

11Cumbria and Lancashire CRC (RJU0053)

12DLNR CRC (RJU0051)

13Dr Mark Walters (RJU0005)

14Greater Manchester Police (RJU0036)

15Kent, Surrey & Sussex CRC Ltd. (RJU0056)

16Lambeth Mediation Service (RJU0026)

17Leeds Restorative Hub (RJU0035)

18London Community Mediation Council (RJU0039)

19Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office (RJU0009)

20Ministry of Justice (RJU0024)

21Ministry of Justice (RJU0060)

22Ministry of Justice (RJU0061)

23Ministry of Justice (RJU0062)

24Mr Brian Dowling (RJU0054)

25MR Mark Brain (RJU0046)

26Ms Deirdre Leask (RJU0001)

27Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Humberside (RJU0006)

28Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (RJU0011)

29Prison Reform Trust (RJU0031)

30Professor Clare McGlynn (RJU0055)

31Professor Clare McGlynn and Professor Nicole Westmarland, Durham University (RJU0017)

32Refuge (RJU0057)

33Restorative Engagement Forum Ltd (RJU0015)

34Restorative Justice Council (RJU0041)

35Restorative Justice Council (RJU0052)

36Restorative Solutions CIC (RJU0012)

37Royal College of Speech and Language therapists (RJU0047)

38SafeLives (RJU0042)

39School of Law, University of Hertfordshire (RJU0008)

40SCYJ (RJU0044)

41Surrey County Council (RJU0029)

42Thames Valley Partnership (TVRJS) (RJU0020)

43The Forgiveness Project (RJU0040)

44The Griffins Society (RJU0019)

45The Howard League for Penal Reform (RJU0016)

46The IARS International Institute (RJU0049)

47Toby Abbs (RJU0004)

48Transition 2 Adulthood (T2A) Alliance (RJU0014)

49Why me? (RJU0032)

50Why me? Victims for Restorative Justice (RJU0059)

51Women’s AId (RJU0027)

52Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (RJU0023)

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18 August 2016