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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

MAG numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Albert Pearce JP (MAG0021)

2Association of Lord-Lieutenants (MAG0046)

3Association of Panel Members (MAG0055)

4Bedfordshire Magistrates Association (MAG0025)

5Birmingham and Solihull Bench (MAG0022)

6Central London Bench (MAG0013)

7Centre for Justice Innovation (MAG0045)

8Christine Holmes JP (MAG0023)

9Cleveland and County Durham and Darlington Judicial Business Group (MAG0019)

10Clive Lewisohn JP (MAG0073)

11Clive Lewisohn JP (MAG0084)

12Corby Magistrates’ Bench (MAG0012)

13Coventry and Warwickshire Bench (MAG0060)

14Criminal Justice Alliance (MAG0048)

15Crown Prosecution Service (MAG0054)

16Dawn Nichol JP (MAG0004)

17Disability Awareness & Advice Ltd (MAG0078)

18Dominic Goble JP (MAG0062)

19Dr Chris Knight JP (MAG0024)

20Dr Jenifer Harding JP (MAG0074)

21Dr Peter Reed (MAG0002)

22Dr Simon Wolfensohn JP (MAG0037)

23Executive Committee, Powys and Herefordshire Branch of the Magistrates Association (MAG0043)

24Her Majesty’s Council of District Judges (MAG0047)

25Ian Andrews JP (MAG0035)

26John Dehnel JP (MAG0020)

27Judicial Office (MAG0072)

28Leicestershire Advisory Committee (MAG0051)

29Lincolnshire County Magistrates Bench (MAG0030)

30Luke Rigg JP (MAG0066)

31Magistrates Association (MAG0088)

32Magistrates Association (MAG0058)

33Magistrates Association Branch Executive Committee, Black Country (MAG0026)

34Magistrates Association Staffordshire Branch (MAG0028)

35Magistrates Association, Coventry & Warwickshire Branch (MAG0033)

36Margaret Robb JP (MAG0061)

37Ministry of Justice (MAG0050)

38Mr Chris Taylor (MAG0005)

39Mr David Harding JP, Chairman, Worcestershire Bench (MAG0041)

40Mr David Sanderson (MAG0006)

41Mr David Williams (MAG0029)

42Mr Graham Jagger (MAG0007)

43Mr Ian Clarkson JP, Chairman, Leicestershire and Rutland Bench (MAG0068)

44Mr Peter Chapman (MAG0036)

45Mr Phil Lloyd JP (MAG0017)

46Mr Robert Lynch (MAG0010)

47Mr Roger Farrington JP (MAG0077)

48Mr Stanley Brodie (MAG0057)

49Mrs Jacqueline Alexander (MAG0086)

50Mrs Liz Harrison (MAG0059)

51Mrs Nicola Silverleaf (MAG0067)

52Mrs Susan Furnival JP, Chairman of the Herefordshire Bench (MAG0039)

53Ms Rona Epstein (MAG0003)

54National Bench Chairmen’s Forum (MAG0063)

55Nicholas Moss JP (MAG0032)

56Norfolk Bench of Magistrates (MAG0015)

57North East Bench Chairs Forum (MAG0008)

58Northern Derbyshire Magistrates Bench (MAG0011)

59Office of Police and Crime Commissioner Northumbria (MAG0075)

60Oxfordshire Magistrates’ Bench (MAG0052)

61Peter Lindley Ullathorne JP (MAG0016)

62Politeia (MAG0064)

63Prison Reform Trust (MAG0053)

64Professor James Crabbe (MAG0009)

65Professor Jane Donoghue (MAG0082)

66Professor Mike Hough (MAG0081)

67Richard Goold (MAG0001)

68Riley Smith (MAG0040)

69RoadPeace (MAG0087)

70Shropshire Bench of Magistrates (MAG0034)

71Somerset Bench (MAG0018)

72Staffs Advisory Committee (MAG0027)

73The Howard League (MAG0042)

74The Standing Committee for Youth Justice (MAG0056)

75Transform Justice (MAG0070)

76Transform Justice (MAG0079)

77Vivian McCarthy JP (MAG0085)

78West Cheshire Bench (MAG0065)

79West Mercia Advisory Committee (MAG0071)

80Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (MAG0049)

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17 October 2016