Courts and tribunals fees Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website. This list includes all written evidence submitted in the inquiry, including evidence dealing with the criminal courts charge which is not relevant to this report.

FEE numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1An individual (FEE0104)

2Anthill Debt Collectors (FEE0001)

3Bar Council of England and Wales (FEE0043)

4CBI (FEE0084)

5Centre for Justice Innovation (FEE0034)

6Chambers of Jason Dunn-Shaw (FEE0013)

7Chancery Bar Association (FEE0098)

8Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FEE0015)

9Citizens Advice (FEE0065)

10Cohen Cramer Solicitors (FEE0086)

11Council of Employment Judges (FEE0040)

12Criminal Justice Alliance (FEE0037)

13Crown Prosecution Service (FEE0073)

14Debt Collection Service (FEE0105)

15Discrimination Law Association (FEE0101)

16DWF LLP (FEE0069)

17EAT Lay Members (FEE0112)

18Eaton Smith LLP (FEE0004)

19Employment Lawyers Association (FEE0044)

20Employment Tribunals (Scotland) (FEE0032)

21Equality And Diversity Forum (FEE0075)

22Equality And Human Rights Commission (FEE0089)

23Fawcett Society (FEE0082)

24Federation of Small Businesses (FEE0023)

25Federation of Small Businesses (FEE0111)

26Foil, The Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FEE0067)

27Frame Smith & Co (FEE0026)

28GMB (FEE0048)

29Hill Dickinson LLP (FEE0063)

30Ilpa (FEE0074)

31Judge Brian Doyle (FEE0029)

32Judicial Executive Board (FEE0090)

33Kingsley Napley LLP (FEE0102)

34Legal Aid Practitioners Group (FEE0072)

35Liverpool Law Society Employment Committee (FEE0095)

36London Solicitors Litigation Association (FEE0088)

37Magistrates’ Association (FEE0062)

38Maternity Action (FEE0007)

39Mcmillan Williams Solicitors Ltd (FEE0014)

40Ministry of Justice (FEE0117)

41Ministry of Justice (FEE0033)

42Ministry of Justice (FEE0107)

43Morrish Solicitors LLP (FEE0036)

44Motor Accident Solicitors Society (Mass) (FEE0052)

45Mr Bernard Hunter (FEE0109)

46Mr Chris Purnell (FEE0106)

47Mr Mike Guilfoyle (FEE0017)

48Mr Paul Jarvis (FEE0058)

49Mr Phil Lloyd (FEE0011)

50Mr Richard Dunstan (FEE0024)

51Mr Stephen Francis (FEE0028)

52News Media Association (FEE0022)

53North Hertfordshire Cab (FEE0030)

54Northumbria, PCC (FEE0070)

55Odysseus Trust (FEE0045)

56Peninsula Business Services Limited (FEE0042)

57Plumstead Community Law Centre (FEE0097)

58Police Action Lawyers Group (FEE0066)

59Pregnant Then Screwed (FEE0003)

60Previously Employed by Fera Defra (FEE0009)

61Prison Reform Trust (FEE0055)

62Professor Catherine Barnard (FEE0093)

63Prospect (FEE0051)

64Public and Commercial Services Union (FEE0068)

65Public Concern at Work (FEE0061)

66Public Interest Research Unit (PIRU). (FEE0114)

67Resolution (FEE0031)

68Sentencing Council (FEE0094)

69Simpson Millar LLP (FEE0038)

70Sir Brian Langstaff (FEE0110)

71Stepchange Debt Charity (FEE0050)

72Taxpayers Against Poverty (FEE0079)

73The Bar Council (FEE0118)

74The Family Division of the High Court (FEE0091)

75The Howard League for Penal Reform (FEE0060)

76The Law School, University of Strathclyde (FEE0046)

77The Law Society (FEE0085)

78The Law Society (FEE0116)

79The Law Society of Scotland (FEE0119)

80The Law Society of Scotland (FEE0087)

81The South Eastern Circuit (FEE0047)

82TheCityUK (FEE0049)

83Thompsons Solicitors (FEE0076)

84Transform Justice (FEE0025)

85Tribunals Judiciary (FEE0092)

86Trust for London (FEE0103)

87TUC (FEE0054)

88Unison (FEE0083)

89Working Families (FEE0039)

90Yorkshire Employment Tribunal Members’ Association (FEE0057)

91Young Legal Aid Lawyers (FEE0059)

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16 June 2016