Conduct of witnesses before a select committee: Mr Colin Myler, Mr Tom Crone, Mr Les Hinton, and News International Contents

Annex: Chronology

Note: Bold text indicates dates of CMS Committee evidence sessions or publications. References in footnotes to CMS 2010/CMS 2012 are to the evidence gathered for the 2010 and 2012 Reports.

14 January 2003 Rebekah Brooks becomes Editor of the Sun301 and Andy Coulson becomes Editor of The News of the World.

11 March 2003 Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, Tom Crone and Stuart Kuttner give evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

15 August 2004 News of the World publishes story on David Blunkett.

4 February 2005 Glenn Mulcaire, using the pseudonym Paul Williams, and Greg Miskiw, then Assistant News Editor of the News of the World, sign contract agreeing to pay Glenn Mulcaire £7,000 on publication of a story based on information about Gordon Taylor provided by Glenn Mulcaire.302

29 June 2005 Ross Hindley (aka Hall) sends the “for Neville” e-mail to Glenn Mulcaire which opens with the words “This is the transcript for Neville”.303

21 December 2005 Criminal investigation begins.304

20 April 2006 Metropolitan Police Service contact CPS seeking guidance about alleged interception of mobile telephone voicemail messages of members of the Royal Household.305

8 August 2006 Mulcaire and Goodman arrested. (CPS charging decision same day, and then they are charged on 9 August 2006 and bailed to appear at Magistrates’ Court).306

16 August 2006 Burton Copeland instructed by News Group Newspapers (NGN) to assist in dealing with requests from the MPS.307 Goodman and Mulcaire appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and are sent to the Central Criminal Court for trial.

14 September 2006 Rebekah Brooks meeting with DS Surtees.308 Burton Copeland letter to MPS regarding disclosure.309

25 September 2006 Last date of instruction by Burton Copeland until 25 January 2011.310 In total 41 days inclusive, or 29 working days. (Further letter to MPS on 21.09.2006 collected on 25.09.2006.)311

29 November 2006 Clive Goodman pleads guilty to conspiring to intercept communications s.1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977.312 313 Glenn Mulcaire pleads to this and also to five further substantive counts contrary to s.1(1) RIPA 2000 314 in respect of Max Clifford, Skylet Andrew, Gordon Taylor, Simon Hughes and Elle Macpherson.

12 December 2006 Tom Crone attends Goodman legal conference.315

“Spring” 2007 Gordon Taylor issues proceedings.316

20 January 2007 Les Hinton phones Colin Myler and offers him the position of Editor, NOTW. He accepts immediately.317

26 January 2007 Clive Goodman and Glenn Mulcaire sentenced.318 Tom Crone attends the sentencing hearing.319

Andy Coulson resigns as Editor of NOTW.320 321 322

Colin Myler appointed as new Editor of The News of the World.

5 February 2007 Les Hinton writes to Clive Goodman terminating his employment and offering salary related payment. Jon Chapman reviewed this letter.323

8 February 2007 Payment of £90,502.08 to Mr Goodman (processed through payroll in April 2007.) N.B. Further payments totalling £153,000, made between July and October 2007.324

2 March 2007 [Friday] Letter from Clive Goodman to Daniel Cloke appealing his dismissal copied to Les Hinton and Stuart Kuttner–refers to the involvement of others and refers to Judge’s comments on sentencing on 26 January 2007.

6 March 2007 [Tuesday] Les Hinton evidence to CMS (Colin Myler full time in post for total of 50 days inclusive).

12 March 2007 Daniel Cloke letter to Clive Goodman re: appeal hearing. Letter states appeal will be heard by Colin Myler.325

14 March 2007 Clive Goodman requests a large number of documents.326

23 March 2007 Clive Goodman appeal hearing part 1, heard by Colin Myler with Daniel Cloke in attendance. 327 (Original date suggested was 20 March 2007 as per Daniel Cloke letter 12.03.07).

April 2007 Glenn Mulcaire serves Employment Tribunal papers on News Group Newspapers Ltd.328

12 April 2007 Rebekah Brooks and Clive Goodman lunch at RAC Club–Rebekah Brooks offers Clive Goodman a job (subsequent emails in addition 09.05.2007 and 18.05.2007).329

3 May 2007 Tom Crone meets Mark Lewis in Manchester regarding the Gordon Taylor civil claim.330

9 May 2007 Harbottle & Lewis instructed.331Written instructions 10 May 2007. 14 May retainer letter.332

20 May 2007 Clive Goodman appeal hearing part 2.333

25 May 2007 Lawrence Abramson/Jon Chapman phone call on Harbottle & Lewis inquiry.

29 May 2007 Final Lawrence Abramson/Jon Chapman emails on Harbottle & Lewis inquiry.334 This concludes Harbottle and Lewis’s work.

30 May 2007 Clive Goodman employment appeal rejected.335

June 2007 Glenn Mulcaire settlement agreement.336

July 2007 Clive Goodman settlement agreement337

28 September 2007 Farrer & Co (for NGN) inquire of MPS.338

1 November 2007 MPS draw attention of Farrer & Co (for NGN) to the existence of the “for Neville” email. The Police response does not copy from or include a copy of the email.339

7 December 2007 Les Hinton moves to Dow Jones & Co.

Gordon Taylor obtains Court Order for third-party disclosure against the Police.340

2 April 2008 ‘For Neville’ email emerges. Gordon Taylor’s solicitors serve it on Farrer & Co (acting for NGN) on or around 2 April.341 342

2 May 2008 £50k offer to Gordon Taylor (rejected on 07.05.2008)343

9 May 2008 £150k offer to Gordon Taylor344

24 May 2008 Tom Crone briefing note to Colin Myler.345 (Tom Crone then goes on holiday)

27 May 2008 Meeting Colin Myler and James Murdoch.346

3 June 2008 Michael Silverleaf QC opinion received.347Part 36 Offer to Gordon Taylor of £350,000.348

7 June 2008 Colin Myler email to James Murdoch.349

10 June 2008 Tom Crone and Colin Myler meet with James Murdoch.350

24 July 2008 Max Mosley judgment.351

12 November 2008 Tom Crone and Mark Lewis lunch in London.352

5 May 2009 Tom Crone and Colin Myler first evidence to CMS (privacy and libel).

July 2009 Max Clifford commences proceedings against NGN and Glenn Mulcaire.353

08 July 2009 Guardian article on Gordon Taylor settlement354

11 July 2009 Colin Myler and Tom Crone meet with Neville Thurlbeck. Neville Thurlbeck tells them that he hacked David Blunkett’s phone.

14 July 2009 Nick Davies of the Guardian reads “For Neville” email to CMS (Ev 276)

21 July 2009 Tom Crone and Colin Myler second evidence to CMS

1 September 2009 Rebekah Brooks takes up post as CEO of News International.

2 September 2009 ICO and Mark Lewis give evidence to CMS and discuss disclosure of Motorman information to Gordon Taylor.355

15 September 2009 Les Hinton evidence to CMS

28 September 2009 (to 2 October 2009) Derek Webb instructed to undertake surveillance of Tom Watson MP.356

October 2009 NGN files defence to Max Clifford claim and denies liability.357

20 January 2010 Meeting: Julian Pike, Rebekah Brooks, Tom Crone, Jon Chapman and others to discuss Max Clifford claim.358

3 February 2010 Vos J orders Glenn Mulcaire to name names in the Max Clifford proceedings.359

23 February 2010 CMS Report: Press standards, privacy and libel published. (Ordered to be printed 09.02.2010.)

(9?) March 2010 Max Clifford settles his claim.360

17 March 2010 Eady J orders Vodafone to disclose information to Kelly Hoppen and makes an order against the person or persons unknown responsible for accessing or attempting to access her voicemails.361

23 April 2010 Skylet Andrew issues claim against NGN.362

26 May 2010 MPS telephone call to Julian Pike regarding an application for disclosure by Sienna Miller. Further email on 28 May 2010 from Russell Jones & Walker notifying Julian Pike that the MPS was making an application on behalf of Sienna Miller.363

1 June 2010 Farrer & Co receive a letter from the MPS dated 26 May addressed to Glenn Mulcaire, which related to the MPS being the subject of a disclosure application being brought by Sienna Miller.364

22 June 2010 NGN file defence to Skylet Andrew claim.365

1 September 2010 New York Times publishes article on phone hacking366

6 September 2010 Complaint by Sienna Miller to NGN.367

6 December 2010 Vos J order the MPS to disclose documents to Skylet Andrew and for Glenn Mulcaire to answer questions put to him by Skylet Andrew.368

15 December 2010 Guardian reports on Particulars of Claim in Miller v NGN.369

(end) December 2010 Sienna Miller civil documents “come into possession” of News International and the documents implicate a current employee.370

7 January 2011 MPS write to Colin Myler asking the newspaper again for access to any material that might “be potential evidence of phone hacking”371

14 January 2011 The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, asks his Principal Legal Advisor, Alison Levitt QC, to conduct a review of all the material in the possession of the Police.372

17 January 2011 Glenn Mulcaire provides disclosure to Skylet Andrew that he had supplied information from Skylet Andrew’s voicemail to the news desk at News of the World and at Ian Edmondson’s request. 373 374

25 January 2011 Ian Edmondson dismissed by NGN.375 376

26 January 2011 News International provides further information to the Metropolitan Police.377

Metropolitan Police service order a new investigation to be undertaken by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers.378

April, May, June 2011 News International team, led by Will Lewis, re-open emails sent to Harbottle & Lewis.379

12 May 2011 Sienna Miller claim: NGN admit liability.380

20 June 2011 Emails seen by Lord MacDonald QC handed to Police who open Operation Elveden.381

10 July 2011 The News of the World closes and Colin Myler loses his job as Editor.

13 July 2011 Tom Crone resigns382 from News International and NGN.

The Prime Minister announces the setting up of the Leveson Inquiry.

15 July 2011 Les Hinton resigns as Chief Executive of Dow Jones & Co. Rebekah Brooks resigns as Chief Executive of News International.383

20 July 2011 Home Affairs Select Committee Report: Unauthorised tapping into or hacking of mobile communications.

31 August 2011 Written evidence Les Hinton to CMS (Ev 229).

6 September 2011 Tom Crone and Colin Myler evidence to CMS

24 October 2011 Les Hinton evidence to CMS.

November 2011 Colin Myler contract of employment with News International terminated formally.384

10 November 2011 James Murdoch oral evidence to CMS.

December 2011 Tom Crone contract of employment with News International terminated formally.

13/14 December 2011 Tom Crone oral evidence to the Leveson Inquiry.

14/15 December 2011 Colin Myler oral evidence to the Leveson Inquiry.

19 January 2012 NGN admission in John Prescott claim.385

27 April 2012 CMS Report News International and Phone Hacking (Ordered to be printed 24.04.2012).

29 November 2012 Publication of Part 1 of the Leveson Inquiry.

28 October 2013 Trial of R v Brooks and others commences.

24 June 2014 Trial of R v Brooks and others concludes.

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