Authorising Government expenditure: steps to more effective scrutiny Contents


Terms of Reference


1 This inquiry

2 Why examine the Estimates?

Estimates and multi-annual spending reviews

Are the Estimates still relevant?

3 The House’s present arrangements for scrutiny and debate of Estimates

Presentation of Estimates and timetable for debate

Are the present arrangements effective?

Timing of the process

Autumn Budgets and changes to the supply timetable

Select committee scrutiny and analysis of Estimates

Specialist support for select committee scrutiny: the Scrutiny Unit

Selecting matters for debate on Estimates days

Determining subjects for debate

A proposal for reform

Support for new arrangements

Evaluation and further consideration

Rules on the consideration of Estimates

More systematic budgetary scrutiny

4 Information provided to the House

Presentation of the Main Estimates and Supplementary Estimates

Estimates memoranda for select committees

5 The block grants to devolved institutions

EVEL and Estimates

Conclusions and recommendations

Appendix: Correspondence between Mr Charles Walker OBE MP, Chair of the Committee, and Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

18 April 2017