Use of the Welsh language in the Welsh Grand Committee at Westminster Contents


This inquiry

1.The Committee has taken up a request by Susan Elan Jones MP to consider whether the use of the Welsh language should be permitted at sittings of the Welsh Grand Committee at Westminster.1 Ms Jones raised the matter first at Business Questions on 14 January 2016;2 since then the matter has been raised in Welsh Grand Committee on 3 February 2016,3 at Business Questions on 9 June 2016,4 and in debates on the Wales Bill on 14 June and 5 July 2016.5

2.In considering this matter we have been guided by a memorandum from the Clerk of the House,6 to which is helpfully annexed the text of three reports of predecessor committees on related matters.7 We have received a memorandum on the technical aspects of transcription of debate from the Editor of the Official Report,8 and a note from the House’s broadcasting partner, Bowtie Television, on the provision of simultaneous interpretation facilities.9 We sought and received observations from the Panel of Chairs10 and from the Welsh Affairs Committee.11

1 Appendix 1

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6 Appendix 2

7 Annexes 3, 4 and 5 to Appendix 2. Details of all previous Procedure Committee reports on the use of the Welsh language in Parliamentary proceedings reports are listed in Box 1.

8 Appendix 3

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10 Appendix 4

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19 December 2016