Transforming rehabilitation Contents


In 2014, we reported on the significant changes then underway to probation services in England and Wales and outlined several risks and challenges. The Ministry of Justice is now more than two years into these ambitious reforms, intended to reduce reoffending, but they are far from complete. There is still no clear picture of how the new system is performing in important areas of the reforms. The failure to deal with ICT problems and serious uncertainty over the impact on providers of lower than expected business volumes have also undermined the pace of change. Both pose a threat to achieving the required performance levels and outcomes by the end of 2017 as planned.

We are very conscious of the scale of the challenges facing the Ministry of Justice in the next few years, in particular the ambitious reforms of the courts and prisons systems, which must be met with increasingly constrained resources. But it is crucial that the Ministry completes the “rehabilitation revolution” it has started and makes good on its promise to reduce the huge economic and human cost of reoffending.

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16 September 2016