Managing government spending and performance Contents


HM Treasury carries out spending reviews to allocate funding across the Government’s priorities, and set clear limits on departmental spending. Spending reviews are also one of the main ways for HM Treasury to work with departments to set the Government’s overall strategy. The Spending Review 2015 allocated almost £2 trillion in departmental spending, and another £2 trillion in welfare and benefit payments, over five years. It was a significant logistical exercise, involving a wide range of teams across HM Treasury, departments and other stakeholders. Government started working on a new business planning and performance management system soon after the 2015 election. In July 2015 departments were asked by the Cabinet Office to set out ‘Single Departmental Plans’ (SDPs) to 2020, covering formal reporting on key government priorities, cross-cutting goals which span more than one department, and the day-to-day business of departments. The Treasury and the Cabinet Office originally set out to integrate the development of SDPs with the Spending Review 2015, though in practice the detailed SDP planning happened after the Spending Review had been finalised in November 2015.

21 November 2016