HM Revenue & Customs performance in 2015–16 Contents


HMRC collected £536.8 billion from UK taxpayers in 2015–16, some £19.1 billion more than in 2014–15. While HMRC’s running costs increased over the same period from £3.1 billion to £3.2 billion, the cost of collection fell from 0.58 pence per £1 of revenue in 2014–15 to 0.55 pence per £1 in 2015–16. HMRC estimates it achieved a compliance yield (from tackling those who seek to avoid or evade their tax liabilities) of £26.6 billion in 2015–16 against a target of £26.3 billion. In 2015–16, HMRC reduced tax losses (mainly the amount of tax written off because there is no practical way to collect it) but saw the balance of tax debt (tax that is due but not yet received at the end of the year) rise to £26.7 billion (from £26.0 billion in 2014–15).

30 November 2016